by - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Whenever I get into their company I find myself lost and disconnected from the world full of buzz and I willingly drive myself into an unreal world which fancies me more than the real .The process is gradual and rather mystic. The more time I spend with them the more I want to remain stick to them to discover more of philosophies, truths of life, morals to self guide and fantasy to beautify dreams. They move according to my mood. When I feel down they uplift me with quotes of positivism, when I feel unimaginative they tell stories to me, when I feel like crying they; like a sweet friend makes me laugh with humorous notes, when I am misguided they indirectly with something written in bold makes me realize my mistake.
Powerful words constitute the life of a book and heartbeats reign the continuity of life. Whenever we meet, we meet with thorough of ourselves. Such is our relation!

We share a sweet silent converse to which I never get bored of! :-)

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6 Token to this Friendship

  1. Don't know about beauty of life and such :) when I read, the whole world and life changes :D but yes, books do share a conversation I don't get bored of. (if the book is interesting)

  2. Books are always so special ... by the way, why isn't the Harry Potter series there? If you haven't read it, please do :-) It's among my all time favorites :-)

    1. Will read them as soon as I get some break :)

  3. Books, and wow, do you have some good ones on your table!
    In fact, when I'm done posting here I'm going to fire up my Kindle and continue on a war novel I'm reading. It's 1944 and a young nurse parachutes into the ruins of Monte Cassino to be with her lover ...

    Through Pain to Victory


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