Go with all your heart'

by - Sunday, March 02, 2014

There are a few instances that happen so often
That by the time we conclude the reason behind 
But the conviction doesn't come without a hitch!
Constant hustle between the heart and the mind
Rattle persists greatly along with perplexities 
Whom to listen first? and whom to follow?
Overwrought with strange kind of feelings!
Tingle within, tangled strings and so were decisions

One day serendipity happened, when I read
''Wherever you go, go with all your heart''
I got way to my heart, a sacred place
Far away from chaos, irresolution and uncertainty 
Whatever it says, I follow it intensely with devotion
Since the day I've accepted it as my oversee 
It never ever proved me wrong or feel regret
I listen my intuitions, for they spread love for everyone! 

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9 Token to this Friendship

  1. the tussle within. wish life was simple. lovely poem, simran.

    1. Game going on in between heart and mind resist to make simplest things simple. One need to know and follow heart because it interprets goodness when not overruled by mind.

      Happy to see you here after a long time. Glad you liked it!
      Thank you so much, Saru :-)

  2. It is ideal state to follow 'Heart' and listen intuitions....although some *terms and conditions apply here in life, nothing like if you can get over them.
    Nice one!

  3. It's always so difficult to choose between mind and heart ... but whatever you choose, go for what makes you happy :-)

  4. Follow your heart little one, wherever you go or whatever you do!!

    Sarav :)

  5. Reminds me of that song of Barfi - "Kyon naa hum-tum ... Chale tedhe-medhe se raston pe nange paanv re" ... Beautiful poem, dear Simran. Sending lots of love to you. :)

  6. A thoughtful one Simran. Follow you heart. Always. :)

  7. Beautiful poem and the message you have given. :) I agree with your thoughts. We should follow the heart.

  8. it feels like listening to inner voice


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