Review: When I found You, I found Myself

by - Monday, February 24, 2014

Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: General Press
Edition: November 2013
Language: English
ISBN- 9789380914718

''As long as every dusk gives you a dream,
As long as every dawn gives you a hope,
Remember, there is a bit of life waiting between the two'
~Sankalp Kohli

About the Book and the Author
After a great success of his debut novel with Mansi Sharma ‘’Because … Every raindrop is a Hope'' this time Sankalp Kohli trying his expertise hands has come up with ’When I found you , I found myself’’ which has recently secured its place in the list of Popular Fiction.
Sankalp Kohli , born and brought up in Kanpur, Sankalp is an MBA graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai. Apart from being an entrepreneurial soul, he is a workaholic who believes in turning every single moment of life into something constructive and fruitful. All his dreams and aspirations are driven by his wish to make his parents feel proud of him. 

Plot Summary
It is a beautiful love story that spotlights the exact picturesque of Love  and its terms with which it begins ''CONFESSION''. A very few of us really dare to confess feelings to one we love. Usually you wait for her and she waits for you to confess. In this way, you're left with a regret when you finally lose him/her for forever. Sigh*
Sankalp has masterfully portrait the consequences from worse to worst that could happen and set your lives igniting, struggling to get him/her back... But! you can't really go and tell.
The story revolves around Aarav and Tiya. When they first met they were just twelve and fallen in love. They kept on meeting. Whenever Aarav and Tiya came closer to each other and felt the moment is right to express they got separated because of family problems, career and other priorities. But the things is, time never separated them completely. Each time their suppressed feelings aroused for each other as many times they met and that's the reason both Aarav and Tiya couldn't move to someone else in life. Both of them knew it better that they are destined to be together and their happiness resides in each other... But ''HESITATION', ''FEAR OF LOOSING'', ''REJECTION'', ''SEPARATION'' resists them to speak their hearts. 

My Views
Those who believe in Love and those who haven't confess their feelings yet must read this wonderful novel because after that you'll do. Cover page is attractive enough to grab one's attention. The writer has brilliantly explored the conflicts going on in heart and mind of Aarav and Tiya simultaneously. It's tough yet he did it with perfection. There are beautiful poetry before the each chapter starts that simply touches your heart and motivating quotations. While reading it I found myself so connected with it that I weep and smiled with its characters, that's what we find in a book. The story is, a little bit slow yet the suspense till the end ''Did their time to fall in love come or like always, they met, greeted and departed to part forever?'' makes the reader to be glued with it till the end.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Sounds really interesting..would love to read sweetie..
    Recent one :

  2. Love is the toughest at the same time the simplest thing to do in this world. I appreciate the theme of the book. It seems that the review is written with deep feelings attached, (and I don't prefer to read technical reviews). I liked reading.

    1. I agree to what you said all about Love!
      Happy you liked the review :-)
      Thanks Namu !

  3. Love is a great feeling,when ever far we can think each other and make many plans to express,when the situation comes words are silence!! your Review is interesting ,and the theme is same as lovers feel .Sure i will read this book

    1. Happy to read such a sweet view on Love :-)
      Thanks Di...Hope you'd like this book too.
      Happy Reading :-)

  4. Surely will be a pleasure to!!!

  5. Sounds so good! Nice read it must be!


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