The Night after the storm

by - Sunday, January 05, 2014

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Long ago, an efflorescence of life was plank down on earth
Since then, mankind came into the existence casting birth
A cycle that goes on and on with the promise of cooperation 
Connects we children to our mother earth with intense adoration  

As the time changed, people changed and so with them have 'relations'
The gap contriving in between, both generations fails to built a space for rendition  
The promising link between the two seems adversely decrepit near to separation 
It's we, who initiated the route of disguise with the rush of our own greed 
Too easy for us to let go things, far too insensitive to mother earth's selfless deed

There is always a limit of everything beyond which the elasticity turns into plasticity
The elasticity of earth was till we were its tenants but soon that turned differently
When we, the so called care takers of earth started to adhere its authority  
A child can not be the mother of his own mother that is the restraint reality
And thus, a step beyond once taken can not be recover

And finally, like a relationship based on compromises don't go longer
The selfless beauty of love bond and the notion of giving and receiving were snapped
Time is the mightiest among all and when it associates with nature makes a deadly combination 
Both shows the dual phase of loftiness and kindness, capricious 
We can't make them run behind us in a long run rather we will be abandon

We took the steps unknowingly, knowingly of the consequences
The another phase of the nature confronted, this time wild and merciless 
A wave of destruction once flowed followed by massacre and loss
A storm broke out of earth's flasks which proved earth as undefeated  
The strokes it lash hard over the rival made it hard for the man's survival

The storm carried away everything along with it
The night after the storm relinquish into gloom, pathetic
Beauty in abundance is now getting deficit  
Lives struggling to reconcile Life 
It's never too late to correct oneself 
Need is, think twice act wise 

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  1. How do you think so deep ... Simran, this is one of your best works that I have read ... Truly awesome, and the concluding stanza portraying truths of life ... superb !!!

    1. It's hard to give a start but once it is done thoughts and words gets in a flow... happy to write something good after a long time. Thank you so much for the shower of appreciation and encouragement. You always do! :-) :-)

      Thanks a ton!

  2. Incredible dear. Loved the expression composed with beautiful words woven interpreting the issues with the poetry. Child can not be the mother of its own mother really loved it. So meaningful!

    1. So happy to read your words dear...Thanks Mohu <3

  3. very wise and thoughtful piece Simran! a beautiful write!

    1. Was eagerly waiting to know your views...Glad you liked it, Hope :-)
      Thank You!

  4. Well written! Excellent usage of words and nicely picturized! Good read.... Keep up Simran!

    1. Glad you had a good read...:)
      thanks a lot!

  5. Replies
    1. Glad you liked the concept. Thanks, Cifar! :)

  6. I liked the poem, Sims. and the message that it carries. You have such amazing thoughts, that I find it hard at times to think you are a kiddo still :)

    That said, I wish you would try to write shorter verses. Not that you don't, but kya hota hai na, when you write so bada bada, it is as good as a story, or prose. :)

    1. Finally Dearo here :-)
      For me, your appreciation is much more bigger than a win! Thank you so much :-)

  7. Such wise thoughts laid out in beautiful words. :)

  8. I loved how you have sent the message of the doomsday across in the form of such beautiful poetry. If we don't stop the ruthless exploitation of our Earth then truly, the night after the storm will pose difficult times for us.
    And Elasticity and Plasticity? Too much into Solid Mechanics are we? ;)
    Good luck for BAT :)

  9. such a depth of expression at such young age...beautiful!

  10. Welcome to Veteranship Little one!! I liked the thoughts...beautifully written :) :)

  11. awesome thought...very nicely written

    my recent one :


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