Review: Uff Ye Emotions 2

by - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Paperback: 188 pages
Publisher: General Press
Edition: December 2013
Language: English
ISBN- 9789380914756

About the Author and Book:
After the huge success of India's most loved story book Uff Ye Emotions by Vinit K. Bansal it is back with the sequel Uff Ye Emotions 2 that anthologize of eleven finest stories from hundreds of stories. Each of it speaks of life, reality, relations and most importantly those strong emotions that win over us again and again. While reading it you will realize a different kind of attachment with it. They relate me, you and everyone out there having a similar story hidden inside, unsaid yet back inside in memories. The cover page of the book is attractive enough to hold one's attention and then those engrossing stories one after another will urge to grab it. All the stories are well written but here are my favorite picks:   

Story‘’The Client’’ by Vinit K. Bansal is based on a real incident, the commencing tale of the book makes up a special distinct place. He has adroitly exposed the hidden dark lives surviving behind the fascinating glamour and glitter of the city- Mumbai where despite of the crowd everyone is helplessly alone. The story revolves around a young and beautiful girl, Riva , who is a prostitute and a rich businessman, Chandrakant Malhotra who is her client. In her entire profession she hadn't dealt with a client like him. Chandrakant used to call her often to spend the night with her. Not to get intimate with her but to get an accompany that mostly carried in silence. There are reasons behind Chandrakant’s action. When he give Riva an opportunity to set her free from the dirt, helplessness and uncouth tease but she couldn't. Sometimes we have ways to proceed to something better but we just can’t. Things aren't that easy as they seem to be! And most of the times, it’s we makes it a complicated one.

 ‘’The Woman Who Waited’’ by Shalini Katyal, is a beautiful heartfelt story showcasing true and dedicated love of Madhumita and Ashish. First they become friends and soon by the flying time spent with each other their friendship turns into a passionate true love. All of sudden, one day Ashish says that he is no more interested in Madhumita because that was nothing but an infatuation. This left her broken and confused. The reason he gave wasn't enough for her to believe because she had seen the real spark of love in Ashish’s eyes. She kept on waiting for him, the only reason she was living was him, she tried to move on in life but she couldn't! Those unanswered questions stifled her everyday. When the reality strikes to her after a coon’s age she gets each of her questions’ answer but still she couldn't have Ashish but there she finds another reason to live her life ‘’their love and the promise. ‘’

''120 Minutes'' by Saravana Kumar Murugan is an exceptional string of crux emotions. The incident takes place in the city in Germany. Suddenly due to the bad weather conditions high sign is given to people immediately to rush to a safer place. Sid, who is a software engineer summarizes his life in twelve words ''in right and left click, they live a life without any life'' has to reach to his home where his beloved wife Isha is waiting. But as we know what ''Man desires, God deny’’. Similar happens with Sid. During those 120 Minutes he realizes the inch of difference he was lying in the midmost of Life and Death. Despite of the counter situations he combats to unabridged the promise he had made to his wife. Taking place of incidents one after another makes the read intriguing. It's something like you would eagerly read lines to know what happens the next!

‘’Hickey’’ by Heema Shirvaikar is a thoughtful and a well composed story that euphemism the pangs of present society. The story targets to aware the people especially women to defy at once if they are getting tortured or harassed mentally and physical. They need not bear the tyrant around them instead they should come forward to censure against it. Her appealing story written with much deliberation and innocence escalates this message in a more emphasized manner.

’Love and Sacrifices’’ by Meghant Parmar and Heena Ahuja, beautifully frames that love and sacrifices are closely intertwined. Clark Lane, a Scottish man, who come to India for the trade purpose. He fall in love with Radhika Patel, daughter of the richest and one of the most powerful businessmen of Porbandar, Jignesh Patel. Both of them get married secretly. Jignesh Patel was against their marriage so he turned up brutally to kill the Scottish man, Clark. There is a famous saying, ‘’ If you're determined for something with a true heart, the entire universe tends to help you in’’
‘’Humanity is bigger than blood relations’’ is described with utmost sensitivity. The story is written in such an intriguing way that it would take you deep into it. Also the beautiful poetry  in the starting and in ending will leave you mesmerized. 

My Views:
Since each of its stories has been written by a different writer so at no point you would feel that the read getting monotonous. Each of it has a different expression and approach to put their ideas before the readers. So if you are aspiring to read multi-genre of stories I would suggest 'Uff Ye Emotions 2' to be the best book to go for. I would rate it 4/5

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  1. A very detailed review .... liked the way you presented it :-)

    1. Happy to have an expert's appreciation :) :)
      Thanks dear.

  2. Looks like a book to read while traveling :)
    Good review

  3. Heard a lot about this. May be will grab it some day . I participated in UFf ye emotions part 2 and was not selected :(
    anyway a cool review by u simran
    tk care

  4. I read this review on the day it was published.. Liked it.. And as I said earlier, thank you so much for the encouraging words Little one!!!

    Someone is Special

  5. Just finished “Uff ye Emotions”, a collection of award winning love stories. Excellent book and a nice experience. All 11 stories are awesome and all authors are promising and superb talented. I would like to name few of them, Happily Ever After by Sanhita Baruah, Reminiscences by Priyanka Dey, And Then I Fell in Love by Drishti Dasgupta and A date with the fate by Abhilash Ruhela. ‘The Soulmate’ made the book little light with its Supernatural connection.
    The editor has picked up really superb stories and therefore I would like to congratulate him. Vinit K. Bansal is already a known face of literature and we all love his book ‘I’m heartless’. Good going Vinit Bhai. The sotry Love@Platform is emotional, light and well narrated with a touch of Vinit’s style of emotional writing. So, he should be once again be congratulated for this lovely story.
    At last I would love to tell you all that ‘Uff ye Emotions’ is a must read. Go and get it.

  6. looks a lovely n interesting book..great review simran

    my recent one :


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