Friendship,a blessing treasure

by - Sunday, January 26, 2014

Along with swing I go back and forth
To have none but you, is worth
Always there to push me on heights
Whenever my eyes blink
And taken aback of sunlight
A tear trickle down due to a sudden exposure
All of sudden a challenge, taking away my composure 
I, almost ready to give my hopes up
But, I don't, because you're there to cheer me up
Whenever I look back , find you there
That doesn't mean you haven't moved a step ahead 
Although you have to cover miles
Yet, you care about my tears and smiles
The world's most beautiful relation we share
Selfless dedication of love and care
A true friend like you is rare to get
Keeping it in heart I don't wanna regret
I wish it may remain sweet as ever
Let's together endeavor and savor
Friendship, a blessing treasure 

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17 Token to this Friendship

  1. Replies
    1. Happy to see you here :)
      Hope you're fine now...take care, friend !

  2. Friendship, indeed, is a blessing :-)

  3. aww...beautiful...loved it

    my recent one :

  4. Such a friendship is truly a big treasure :)

  5. So well penned, Simran dear. A true friend knows how to describe friendship and you do it so well, it is priceless ... just like this poem, just like you. God bless you. Keep writing. :)

  6. Well written Simran.. Good job done....

    Keep Smiling { ^J^}
    Amit Arora

  7. Little one... Beautifully penned.. I do not have words to describe ma :)

  8. Nice poem, beautiful tribute :) salute to

  9. Lovely Poem, such a beautiful tribute to friendship.. Salute to such a wonderful relation.

  10. Beautifully written and perfect rhyme, Simran:)

  11. So's like a song :) The Song of friendship :)


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