The Wisdom Crown

by - Thursday, November 14, 2013

Within the brimming shallow of life
Right from high to low alone I strife 
Like a refrain it sings of joy and plight
As the dark night diffuse off divine light
I've to go along with the course it flows
Harsh winds oppose my way with its blow
Why the flair of joy shroud with gloom mist?
Bubble lived is my cheer it stays in midst  
Soon, it drifts same as an air filled balloon 
 a single touch of sharp pin tear it apart loon
I see, my situation no different from it when compare
Happiness and joy are elusive; they hardly come and stay rare
As much as I long for them they seem a distant journey, far away
I look back to count my smiling days, hidden under its sway
''Life is too long to live and short to waste
Try all its recipe to get different flavors taste''
    Everything runs alternative, has a dual phase 
we've to not only face them but also to chase 
Here the question is how sadness could be defeated?
Let it blase hard, an acceptance would lay it down 
It would happen the day I'll wear the wisdom crown

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  1. Wonderful post @Simran

    Life is too long to live and short to waste
    Try all its recipe to get different flavors taste

    1. Glad to receive appreciation from you dear
      Thanks a lot :-)

  2. I second that little one. A meaningful poem from your pen :) :) Keep writing :)

    1. Glad you understand the root meanings of my words....Your comments bring smile on my face.
      Thank you so much Special One! :-)

  3. Very true and inspiring lines Simi! Beautifully penned! :)

    1. I knew it, you'll understand and feel the depth of my each word... :)
      Happy you find it beautiful and inspiring. Thanks a lot dear Valli <3

  4. beautiful post Simran! we write similar in a way that so many of my poems are about the highs and lows of life. yes, we must experience 'life' all it's highs and lows to gain wisdom. with minor changes you could make it flow smoother. eg. Within the brimming shallow life
    From highs to low; alone I strife. if you start with 4 beats in the first line with the accent on the second syllable, withIN the BRIMming SHALlow LIFE, from HIGHS to LOWS; aLONE i STRIFE, and keep it 4 beats throughout, it will read smoother. that is if that is the style you are going for. I struggle with that myself :) hope this was helpful. still...a very good write You are very wise already and I love what you write about in your poems so often a theme that always touches my heart. You are very talented and keep up the good work! can't wait to read more from you.

    1. It's really great to read my dear Hope's comment after a long time. Welcome back..Missed you a lot!
      Thanks for the idea , will go for it :-)

      Happy to share similarities....many more in the way dear. Stay tuned! :-)

    2. thank you Simran! my post on life is up now. when you have time take a look. I want to know what you think?

  5. how sadness can be defeated.. I think we can never defeat it..
    it's just the way we deal with it that matters.. eventually we overcome/defeat it :)

    1.'s not that we can defeat sadness forever that it won't come back but its about how to get over it ASAP!
      I usually defeat sadness by saying... '' sab chalta hai'' :P :-)
      and believe me, it works! :D

  6. Its very brilliantly penned, Simran.
    how true it is: ''Life is too long to live and short to waste
    Try all its recipe to get different flavors taste''. :)

    1. Glad you liked it...thanks a lot dear Anshul!
      Happy to have you here :-)

  7. ..happiness is not a is hidden in moments we always tend to is all along the journey called life..loved the message of this poem Simran..keep it up..keep writing.. :) ;)

    1. Absolutely true, Rigzin
      You've defined it wisely. Glad you loved it!
      Thanks a lot..keep stopping by :-)

  8. Words of wisdom. But remeber there's still a lot stored for us to explore... as you will grow older you will face the realities. Happiness lies with ourselves in our own minds; happiness lives in small things... that's true. Keep up your nice work. Loved reading. :)

    1. I agree, Namu... :-)
      Happy you enjoyed the read...will come up with many more soon...
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts...I appreciate :-)

  9. This made me feel so light and cheerful ... loved it :-)

  10. Its beautiful, but do disagree on the thought that "life is too long to live", I am of the opinion that its always short though at times it may seem insanely long and prolonged but the very fact that you feel that means you have to put your act together and move on. It appears long only when we are not moving on in life.

    Pages off Life

    1. Dear Rupertt,
      I agree with the idea you said but here I've compared ''Life is too long to live and too short to waste''
      To live there are a lot of moments but when you think to waste find every moment much precious.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving such a thoughtful comment.
      Will stop by urs soon!


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