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Green park,swings,colorful flowers.
Shashank see a beautiful butterfly, he run to catch and fall down. When he open his eyes, heart sink,completely blank.
What happen, Shashank?? Mum's here, you're safe. She hugs him tightly.
Let me switch on the light.I'll listen you.
In tears, ''Why God wrote my life without light?''

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Wish you all Happy and safe Diwali! :-)

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  1. Great message. Some grammatical errors could have had been prevented though.. :D

  2. Not your best work, Sims... but I like the short fiction. Maybe his light is different from ours, but it would still be there :)

  3. Life without a light is painful enough.... :(
    Sad for the Shashanks in the world :(
    Good piece, Simran :)

  4. This is sad, Simran... Wonderful post. ♡ :-)

  5. That's a lovely story. Probably proof-reading from your end would have made into a great one.Don't be offended, because i loved your creative side. The last line was indeed great though.

  6. Good idea well put in few words!

  7. nice story... some errors grammatically..could be corrected.

  8. I love the last line little one. Rest, I will text on Facebook :)


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