My Friendship turned 3 !! Few Miles about to turn 4!!

by - Saturday, October 19, 2013

Like these hearts soaring in drift
strange to destiny,away from rift
 Feelings and thoughts suppressed  
Inner flare split walls compressed  
That's how the journey commenced 
My Friendship, the saga recommence   

Resurrection of sensitivity when splashed 
I found many like me, we all clashed 
Not for a letup or a fight but to unite 
We stood together to inspire world knight
My Friendship, the saga shines bright

 A single word itself holds power
to change the world it has tower
that rise above straight with transparency
with the only sword of words I'll turn over controversy 
Within few years, I see my world has changed 
My Friendship and Few Miles both poetic pen 
blessed with sagacity 

Turning Three and Four we are still the same
have always seek for love and not for fame
translating life into words would have been impossible
without your generosity and comments sensible 
each day smiles with flying colors 
My Friendship and Few Miles, the saga of an unknown 
beautiful relation.

Happy Birthday dear Few Miles! Congrats on turning 4. I know I know it's tomorrow on October 20th. See, I remember the date too :-) 
But like every year I want to be the first one wishing you. It was you to whom I met first in my blogging journey though we weren't introduced well then. Always been my inspiration that reading you I shine brighter with my own words. Our relation is like,
 your words and my rhyme
several roads to same destiny
 Few Miles and My Friendship 

Sarav, I heartily congratulate you for your achievement and thank you for making all of us a part of this beautiful journey, blessing us with smiles and tears. Much to say...but next time ;)
Wish you many more years of Blogging journey 
-Little One

Sweet wishes from Valli 

Thanks Valli for such a beautiful caricature :-)

Best wishes from dear friend, Namrata

Its a little gift to MY FRIENDSHIP with a sweet little girl Simran
My heartfelt wishes to her on this very special day! These words of mine would remain with you as a token of our sweet friendship :-)


In the bosom of  the boiling desert ,
flutters my friendship.
It anoints my thirsty throat,
As does a perennial oasis.

In pain and plight and dismal night,
it lulls me down with ease.
Sweetness of the words it shares,
Blows over as a soothing breeze.

It shoves my boat away from disbelief,
when the world growls at my mistakes.
It comforts and cajoles me,
and does for me whatever it takes.

My friendship is my worship,
My love, I foster within.
I pray it meets eternity, 
to stay and keep me serene.

A surprise dedication from my dear sister, Mohini 
Glad you remembered the anniversary and truly I love this beautiful token of love!

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Little One.. Congrats on turning 3!!!!! Happy Blogoversary to My Friendship!!!

    1. Yeyyyy :D
      Thank you so much my dearest Special One :-)
      With your Friendship, I wish, we walk together endless miles...
      Thank you so much, Sarav!

  2. The first painting is awesome, the words I have all the right to say how beautiful it is!
    The second painting depicts wonderful friendship, the words following it is truly beautiful!
    The third painting is what we all do, the words are just mind blowing!
    The fourth painting is continuing for the past three years, the words said what ever I wanted to type here!
    The fifth painting just made me feel good about myself, the words made me fly to cloud nine!
    Thanks for everything little one..
    You made it so special!!!

    And thank you Valli for the sweet cake!!! :)

    Sarav & Vidhya

    1. One of the most adorable comments I received so far...
      Beautiful compliments for my each sketch and lines... Happyyyyyyy!
      I put my best I could within the limited time.

      Yours and Vidhu di's appreciation are my awards.... very precious!
      Awww...Happy to see you at cloud too there after reading this beautiful comment.

      Thank you so much.... :)
      best wishes and love to you both..

  3. Replies
    1. tuannu vi lakh lakh vadhaiyaan :D

      Thank you so much, Sarab :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to your lovely blog .... I have always found this place to be real source of inspiration ... Please be our guide forward, and keep producing such brilliant posts :-)

    1. It's a pleasure and honor for me that my writings and thoughts inspire you.... :-)
      That's my biggest achievement. Thank you so much Amrit for reading each of my post and sincere feedback.
      That is all we do...I learn from you , you learn me :-)
      My Friendship is lucky to have such sweet and loving readers.

  5. Happy Blogoversary to Simi and Sarav!
    I really enjoy a lot reading your works!
    Keep rocking as always!
    Happy Blogging! :) <3

    1. Dear Valli,
      Thank you so much dear for such a cute sketch... love it! :-)
      Glad you enjoy reading us... your love and support is all we need... thanks a lot <3

      Thanks a lot <3

  6. Woaah! I see excellent creative impressions here... beautiful Simran!!! :)
    Kudos!! Good wishes for you and "My Friendship" on my behalf on this special day... :) :D

    1. Thanks a llot Namu for the heartfelt poetry on this special day... :-)
      am deeply touched.... Kudos for our sweet friendship!
      Glad you liked those impressions ... thank you :) :)

  7. Happy Blogoversary both of u my dear sweet friends....
    Keep Rocking......

  8. Happy Blogging Anniversary Dear...:). A little gift for the big Friendship..:) My best wishes always with you.. -

    1. Dear Mohu,
      Hearty thanks for being there always... to encourage and make me feel special.
      You remembered the anniversary date...that itself is enough to make me happy. I love this!! <3
      thanks a lotttt love u lottt

  9. Happy Blogging Annivarsary dear..wishing the big friendship with a small gift.... my best wishes always with you...:)

  10. Lovely! This blogoversary is certainly very special and the lovely sketches have made this more beautiful. Best wishes to you Simran. :) Keep writing, keep spreading friendship. :)

    1. yeah special indeed ..Anshul wishes are with me :D
      Thanks a lot buddy for your support...means a lot! :-)

  11. happy anniversary simmo......


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!