My Teachers, my God

by - Monday, September 09, 2013

I remember of the day when my mother told me
There is a God
Who has solutions to all my odds
He is the former of this world 
nothing can go wrong or down to curled
He is always there to preach me with blessings
His spiritual guidance of painstaking 

A divine light of knowledge and wisdom he throw 
she told, he will bless me with as I grow
Out of curiosity I asked, where does the God stagger?
Where does he live? any evidences? 
How to believe?

When she was getting me ready 
I, excited and steady
It was to be my first day in school
an unknown place and I mere a fool
Ma told me it's the place where God dwell
finally it was the time to get my all answers well

I found different God in the temple of knowledge
they punished me for my impish obstinate acts
corrected when I did mistakes
Inspired me when I was all deceived 
He stood beside me and perceived

A lonely stage of despair
Thousands of mocking laughter in air
he told me to be strong
never to choose the path that seems easy but belongs to wrong
he wrapped my inner soul with divinity 
blessed my heart with generosity 
and mind with sincerity 

The day came when my own child asked
out of curiosity where does the God stagger?
Where does he live? any evidences? 
How to believe?

I smiled and cherished that moment
to remember when I asked the same to my mother
My child, he is there to guide you 
and bless you ample of wisdom and vow
 He is your teacher, your God
respect the knowledge he give you
it would help you in life, best among all the swords
Moment of honor with the current President of Sahitya Academy, Dr. Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari
Priceless moments with Madam Kirti
This poem is dedicated my respected teachers who helped me to overcome the tough situations in life, made me strong to accept challenges and win over and still there to bring the best out of me :-)
Feel Blessed!

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  1. That is a lovely poem, a lovely tribute for the occasion. Great pics!

    1. Thank you so much, Indrani dear :-)
      Glad to have you at M.F

  2. Very smart dear! Beautiful poem and dedication to your teachers :)

  3. What a lovely poem little one.. The photographs are priceless. Keep them safe!!

    Someone is Special

    1. yes, they are! :-)
      thanks a lot, Sarav

  4. to have a good a good teacher in one's life is equal to having a god..
    lovely tribute

  5. The concluding lines were awesome! You have amazing thought process :) lovely writing.

    1. Glad to have you here, Sanjay!
      thank u so much

  6. Very beautifully composed, Simran:)

  7. What a beautiful poem .. your teachers must be proud of you :-)

  8. Beautiful dedication to your teachers! such a sweet poem! :)

  9. This post made me feel even more gratitude and respect towards my teachers :)


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