The mainspring of my inner me

by - Thursday, August 08, 2013

The mainspring of my inner me
resides in downpour pristine
ameliorate my decent
when I stuck myself into vacant 

there is an unknown relation
a mysterious one between me and you
that is above all and can't be ever supersede 
I perceive your touch and you listen to my heart

An embrace of attachment and those memories
I mesmerize those moments you blessed me with
He and I drenching in shimmering rain
lost in the magic of love 

he dragged me towards the tub to perch along with him 
and we, like innocent kids playing with chilled rain drops
 love making paper boats, I said
what about this little love boat I made for you..? He asked

I blushed and mumbled ''Love you my conqueror'' 
holding me close he said ''Me too''
together we, life no less than a paradise 
priceless, angelic, resplendent our Love

Dear rain, you had been with me throughout
still you are when he isn't with me anymore
and I spiritually believe you'll be there always
you have seen me in joy, decent, dismay

but for the first time in pain threshing deep within
No one could console me better than you 
there is an unknown relation that has now become so special
inexpressible through words yet a feeling to be felt 

Dear Rain, 
The mainspring of my inner me
resides in downpour pristine
ameliorate my decent
when I stuck myself into vacant 

Theme suggestion by my two loving sisters Hema di and Vidhya di.
 Thank you so much for such wonderful suggestions. I intertwined both the themes and that helped me to come up with something new. Hope you like it...finger crossed  :)

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  1. Really very sweet and cause a feel of drenched in rain! It quite consoles me as well :)

    Cheers Simran!!

    1. Happy you find it sweet and consoling :-)
      That's really consoling for me..

      Thank you so much dear..Best Wishes!

  2. Sweet one Little one.. Glad Vidhya suggested you a good theme. :) :) :)

    Someone is Special

    1. Little one is happyyyyyy Special one found it sweet! :D :-)
      Since it was a special request from di so I put my best efforts..hope she likes it too :-)
      (Fingers crossed)


  3. I can feel only....can't write what I feel...:)


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!