by - Thursday, August 01, 2013

A keen bird in me fly high in skies
open and transparent to the world it was
for I believed it should be so!
my own presumptions
maybe someone could relate to me
I have had been amiss each time
They listen to me and makes me feel 
they are concerned and can relate to me
my worries, complications and dillema
Even they console but at the end of the day
Am broken and hurt from within deeply
when I see I'm being mocked and taunt
Am being under estimated 
because I shared the inner me suffering
I've always found and have realized
''There is no one honest to you except your own self''
''There is no one better than you who could understand you''
Since then the free bird residing within me
accepted the way belongs to seclusion
Though the solitude confines my feelings
 but aren't they good to escape
 from fake assurance and concern
I break the silence in sole 
my heart feels secure
thoughts remain unwritten 
words unread and a voice unheard by others 
because I don't want them to do so!
Now, there is a contentment within
for I believe
''God has intended my problems to be solved my self'' 

Theme suggested by Ph_ (to visit her blog click on the link given)

To Ph_ ,
Thank you so much for suggesting me such a wonderful theme to compose my strings of emotions and thoughts . I hope my work stands up to expectations :-)

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16 Token to this Friendship

  1. This is marvelous and far beyond my expectations!!
    It is like you sneaked into my heart before writing and felt what I hide with in.
    I love you dear sister <3
    Your words struck my soul and I am honored to be mentioned here in this particular post!!!!
    Mind blowing :) :) :)

    1. Dearie,

      I was waiting desperately to know your views and after reading it I am flying with true colors of happiness :) :)
      Happy to do so ...actually this poem is very close to me as well as... I've written the same I had been going through and then after my ultimate self realization.

      Isn't so amazing that each time we find so many similarities between us and circumstances.
      Your words made my day...
      thank you so much <3

  2. you're really the blessed one and the best one...GOD bless u... :)

    1. :-)
      Touched by your words dear...
      Thank you so much!

  3. Beautifulllllllll Simran..beautifully described..There is really no one better than you to understand least I feel so..Why give others a chance to mock us..beautifully played with words..

    1. Happy you feel the same..and it's the same for everyone.
      That's true, we give them a chance to mock over!

      Glad you liked :)
      Thank you so much dear for stopping and sharing views.

  4. beautiful...and the last is so true...smeone long back told me...god will never give you situations u cannot might be difficult but u ll always find a way...:)...
    visited ur blog aftr quite sometime...missed it..

    1. That someone said absolutely true! :)
      Happy to have you here finally..Even I missed ur presence here

      Much love and care

  5. Inspiring and increases the self confident!

  6. Lovely Simran..
    sometimes we feel that everyone around is there to mock us. At that time seclusion is best..

    Company of no one is better than company of a bad one.. Isn't it.

    1. Yes, that's what I keep telling to others and truly follow... :) :)
      Thank you dear :-)

  7. There is no one honest to you other except your own self! Strong lines... Liked it little one....

    1. That's what I am realizing these days...thank you :-)


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