...but the espy harsh reality

by - Thursday, August 15, 2013

Written for Know Your Star

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A fetus in mother's womb
innocent and tender
the outer world is unknown to me
I rather expect them to be blithe
lighthearted to do my welcome
but the espy harsh reality
as soon as I was known to the outer world
It seemed their kind hearts turned into stones
shrouded with coarse and ungenerous  
They tried their best to abort my approach 
but luckily it was too late by then, I was in!
There was no elation or ecstasy
An ultimate sign of their refusal, my own family  
Am I a curse because I am a girl?

I was told, time flies
but their disdain and spurious attachment 
just to show others, never changed
I was treated unequal in every little thing
not allowed to speak against or for 
not to argue or commend
no values to my words, feelings and even my presence
I never failed them or asked about their intentions
Did whatever they asked me for
 I believed my acquaintances were my only God
as I was growing up I started to seek  for what and why
but the espy harsh reality
I wasn't answered but punished brutally
My mind got perplexed, why there is so much difference?
why am opposed at each step?
Just because I am a girl

Am I a curse?

Gradually I found the entire society in its grip
'Its' superstition notions and feeble minded people
with respect to their belief completely illogical 
   I felt a voice within roared for the justice and lost respect
Why we are deceived every now and then??
we possess an equal part and equal rights in the society 
even the laws of our country speaks of the same
but the espy harsh reality
At every corner we are ridiculed by others for no reason 
just because I am a girl, I belong to feminism 
deprived of education, nutrition, development,rights
reason, I am a girl!
  I can not do a job I am willing for
boundless restrictions on what to do and what not to do
where to go and where not to
what to speak and what not to 
even when to live and when to die
Just because I am a girl
Am I a curse?

Insecurity, aversion,exigency,scrape
are the part of women's everyday life
I fear to walk alone in the streets
I hesitate when a man gaze at me
I get agitate when a strange man comes to help me out
I suspect his wrong intentions even if they are good
what has made me think like that??
whether its a baby, woman or a girl 
is being raped, their faces are burned with cruelty
for raising their voice to the wrong happened with them
In spite of blaming to the wrong the entire society
supports and favor to wrong
''but the espy harsh reality'' 
I won't say it anymore!!
there is always a limitation for everything
people who commits wrong are ultimately wrong 
but people supporting to wrong are more culpable 
You and I have woken up and now its time for alarming others
we need to stand out of the box, cross the limitations marked
inbuilt our own place but it would be only possible 
when we all together strive for it!
let's get in action 
let's prove to the world
 I am a girl
And I am not a curse!!

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  1. Replies
    1. Welcome to M.F , Sangay!

      Glad you found it wonderful, thanks :-)
      keep visiting...

  2. Wow!!! This is just amazing Simran!
    You have so beautifully put every aspect of a girl's thought process in her life.
    Loved it... Read it twice! :)

    Thank you for being a part of the RAPE initiative.

    1. Dear Pranita,

      I was eagerly waiting to your views on this... damn happy you loved it :-)
      ya, that was actually my target to focus at each aspect...glad you observed it.

      It's an honor for me to be a part of such a wonderful initiative... thanks to you dear for giving me this great opportunity to spread a worth message for the society.

      I'd love to write for KYS
      All the very best to the entire team.

  3. You post give voice to many whispers of women in silence! Like you say, there is always a limitation for everything but it isn't belonging to single gender alone. For me everyone is equal on earth, men perhaps physically strong means alone he doesn't deserve everything and he’s nothing in front of mental strength of women. Be pound of who you are, I ever seen so intelligent girl young as you. You hold great ability and talent, its obvious women with opportunity of education update their statues to higher degree and I’m sure it continues to strength their force in society.

    1. Dear Jeevan,
      It feels great to have a sincere reader as you're. I wish my words break their silence and may we all stand together in unity to raise voice against the injustice.
      I agree to your point here.
      It's really overwhelming to have your appreciation... thank you so much for encouraging me to do better each time.

      Best wishes to you!

  4. What a post! What a poem! Let it give voice to many women and let all think that they are proud to be a girl and they are a boon to this country :D

    Someone is Special

  5. The harsh reality expressed so deeply. Many women don't even know and understand their rights and pains they are facing. You have given voice to all such women in apt words...proud of you my sis. :)

  6. the pain the scary reality and the ugly face of the present world all woven so well in this poem...kudos simi...u have writtn what so many girls feel these days...amazing!!

    1. Glad and privileged to speak against the wrong and join the league demanding hard for the justice.

  7. Just wonderful! This is by far the best. The angst and the anger come shrieking out. But it's not hopelessness. You do give hope and exhort in the end. Sim you've excelled yourself. God bless you and your talent.


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!