An Analogy Between Me and You

by - Saturday, August 03, 2013

Despite of the differences 
there is an analogy between me and you
that divulge our association
you took birth as a bud and I as a baby
sunshine and water are your elementary obsessions 
for me love and care of my mom and dad
as you bloomed spreading charm
the divine fragrance your ultimate presence
many of the fascinated sights came to you
acknowledged and admired your grace elegance
as I grew up, charged with extreme undying vigor and endurance
ready to catch up with my dreams and destiny
damn adventurous and exciting, I played and won
we all are ruled by the nature even the nature itself!
you bloomed your beauty in the morning bearing fresh and shine dew 
there is no one  in the world who won't fall for you
but by the evening and sunset you wilted and finally got withered
Dear flowers, I can listen your words you said before your fall
 'Poignant eternity
I'm falling 
In lap of ground 
To meet lavish green growth
With soft cool dew 
To withdraw oneself 
Into this vast eternity
Once again.'
no more sights to appreciate you, no more words to august you 
By the rule of the mightiest king; Time
I've lost my youth and drown into an age of wrinkles
my beauty and youth have cessation 
  no one here to love or care
left in anguish and deep solitude
no one to talk to me or think of me, A mere burden my life 
with no more reasons and desires
I am waiting for my eternal downfall as you had been blessed with
my last few breaths in hope 

Theme suggestion by Annamptla Nikitha

Dear Annamptla,
Thanks a lot for the theme suggestion. This poem is dedicated to you. Hope you like it :-)

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  1. So beautiful and well composed and compared the life of man and flowers...the last few lines of old age was touching! You spread sweet essence here :)

    Best wishes

    1. When I was suggested the theme 'Flower' all of sudden this thought strike to my pre thoughts helped me in thought process and then composing it.
      So happy you found it beautiful..that makes my writing fruitful :-)

      Thank you so much!

  2. really liked the analogy here..
    of a flower and a human..
    in so many ways we are similar.. Life cycle's the same.

    1. Yes :-)
      Even I wondered while composing it... happy u liked it <3
      Thanks dear :-)

  3. I am running out of words here to praise you!!
    I loved especially those whispers of flowers as wither.
    Seems too real! :)

    1. your first line is an award for me dear :-)
      Thank you so much <3

  4. Analogy at its best little one. Flowers, anyone will fall for it :) :) wonderful theme Annamptla Nikitha :)

    1. I am flying after reading your views :-)
      Thanks Special One..


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!