''The Destiny & Fate''

by - Sunday, June 02, 2013

Time Comes In Life When We Are Close To Our Dreams But We Fail To Make Them Come True!!

I want to flow with my dreams
like a liquid roll on whims 
Wherever it finds a way!

With this very thought 
I was moving on a slot
Here meets ''The Destiny & Fate''

I still have the impulse 
to my dream destiny
but Fate locks me 

My Destiny, before me 
I am helpless !
no path to reach there

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15 Token to this Friendship

  1. This perfectly describes me.
    We are wrecked when dreams and destiny come face to face aren't we? When dreams are opposite of the pre-written. Sighs

    1. Welcome back Dearie :-)

      Undoubtedly, you are right!
      We start making our own plans for the future that is uncertain and when unfortunately, fate is opposite to our dreams and wishes...We are completely broken in context of Morale especially.

      Hope you're fine now...Take care

  2. intense...
    beautifully put down... :)

  3. fate and dreams...
    sometimes they are same and sometimes they aren't...
    they are incredibly entwined.. only thing that's in our hand is too keep working on our dreams... well rest is FATE :P

    1. I agree!
      They are actually entwined strong...
      The way you told to follow is the best option :)

      Thanks Jyoti :)

  4. People say we can change destiny, but I am not too sure about it. Perhaps we can change the means of reaching the destination, but the goal is always preset. The hurdles that we face are only there to make us stronger. Well, I know am speaking off the topic, but saw that your piece is about destiny, hence wanted to share a few tit-bits of my own ;-)

    And ya, you will achieve your dreams soon dear ... all the best :D

    1. I am happy that you shared your tit- bits of views :-)
      I agree, goal is always preset and hurdles are to make us stronger but in the case when we cope up with those hurdles step by step...

      May your words come true :D
      Thank you so much dear!

  5. It seems little disturbing. Have faith. :)

    1. Actually I was little disturbed when I composed this...
      As now, I've made the decision and very confident about that :)
      Thanks a lot dear ! :D

  6. Keep trying, the best things come out. Lovely penned dear :)

  7. Little one.. Life is really big.. :)

    Someone is Special

  8. Beautiful as always.
    It is pleasure reading your poems.


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