♥ Happy Fathers' Day Dady ♥

by - Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dady & Me (Priceless moments)

Walking along him,
Holding his hand; I grew,
He loves me a lot that truth I know,
He keeps on asking ‘‘whose cute princess you are?'' 
‘‘Who loves you the most?''
With a gurgle and in unclear pronunciation I say da -dayy !
Day by day he loved me more,
And he made his place within my heart's core..
He loves me more than anything else that he ensured,
Never even allowed a tear to trickle down from my eyes,
And taught me many lessons to be a good heart and wise;
Again he asks with an eager expression...
‘‘whose cute princess you are?''
 ’’Who loves you the most?''
And I say with proud and with a broad smile, Dady!
He reads my heart, 
He reads my mind..
If something goes wrong he gives me advice,
My cute princess, You are brave don't loose hope,
I love you the most and I say with a smile..
Me too love you a lot Daddy.. :)

Wishing you ''HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADY’’ you are my world, I love you Dady:) 

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  1. Good to see that even "we Dads" are also being acknowledged now a days, otherwise its the MOMs who take all applause when it comes to parenting...... :)

    on a serious note, most of youth now a days take their parents for granted......you reminded me of my Dad....lost him ten yrs back....miss him a lot in every walk of my life....

    1. At my end I acknowledge my dad more than my mom. He understands me the best in this world.
      Glad my little poetry made you nostalgic...Your dear dad is always with you deep in your heart :-)

      My best wishes to you and family.

  2. How sweet! Hum… not only mothers; dads too share most beautiful relationship with children. It seems daughters are very close to father than sons.

    Btw. whose cute princess you are? :) Just kidding dear.
    My best wishes to your dad and whole family

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, daughters are very close to father than sons. :-)

      Hahah.. daa dyyy :) :D
      Thank you so much dear for the precious wishes.

  3. A beautiful weave, Simran and could feel the heart felt love for your father through your words! Stay blessed:)

    1. Happy to see you around :-)
      Thank you so much.

  4. He keeps on asking ‘‘whose cute princess you are?''
    ‘‘Who loves you the most?''
    With a gurgle and in unclear pronunciation I say da -dayy !

    Best of all posts !!

  5. Like my dad used to ask, "Papa ki koyal kon ha?"
    MAde me touchy.
    Happy fathers day to your dad, many prayers :)

    1. Awww.. that sho shweet :) :)
      Thank you so much
      Happy Fathers' Day to your dad too :)

  6. खुबसूरत रचना ,बहुत सुन्दर भाव भरे है रचना में,आभार !


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