Happy Birthday Dear Mohu

by - Monday, January 14, 2013

The forever sisters' love,
All above
Collaborates Me and You in a spiritual bond...
I promise shall remain
concord, credence and resolute!
blames, claims and emote flames!
Means of reluctance, doubt or twinge! 
Admiration, assurance and commitment of being United and True!

Happy Birthday to you Dear Mohu!

 May all your wishes,dreams come true.
 I thank you from the bottom of heart for being there always to support, encourage and listen and advice me.

Its a Special Day for You and Me as well!
Lets Enjoy :)

Author's Message- Apologize to all my dear readers for not stopping by their       respective blogs. As a reader I'll be back after March (Exams). Wish me luck :)
Your love and support are precious.   

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15 Token to this Friendship

  1. Simu...

    what to say..
    where to find the words for your love
    so many things you have shared
    so many things you have written
    the things which are beyond words,
    the love which is beyond all the bonds
    you have expressed which is beyond all the limits..

    Such a sweet gift, Simu every gift from you is in my heart...I never forget every moment we have shared together, our long long chats, which is beyond this world. Your sweetest innocent voice, which full of love always is reflecting from your poem. I think, Bhagwanji's blessings have come in my life taking your form...:-) <3. What can I say..more..:-) You can understand and feel even which I haven't said..hai na?

    1. Dear Mohu,

      You are very close to my heart. With you,I can share every corner of my heart.There are many things I've learnt from you..even you don't know what are they!
      You are my precious dear and sister! humesha aise hi rehna ..Lots of love! take care

  2. many many happy returns of the day to Mohu.. God bless her


  3. belated birthday wishes...

    all the best for exams


    1. Thank you so much for wishes, Krishna :)

  4. So dear how is the preparation going on?
    BEST OF LUCK for your exams I am praying for your success :)

    1. Preparations are going good :-)
      Thank you so much dear for wishing me luck and praying for my success..Means a lot!

      My prayers for you...

  5. You have been tagged to a blog award :)
    Check it out here ----->

    P.S I will suggest to not worry about doing the post now, leave it when you are done with your exams.

    1. Wow! one more award from my dearie! I am honored and overwhelmed!
      Thanks a ton dear.. :)
      Happyyyy me!

      That's so sweet of you!
      Sure I'll post after my exams .. :)

  6. And one more thing, I miss you :)
    Take Care!

    1. Miss you too dearie <3
      I promise, we shall have lots of talks and discussions.Have to learn a lot from you :)

      Take care too!

  7. So sweeeeeeeeet and so very heartfelt Simran, I could feel each line that you wrote! How wonderful to see the bond, a bond that is full of hopes, dreams, love and care with no place for egos or flames or fights. Wow, so much to learn and admire... very beautiful dear, belated birthday wishes to Mohini. May God bless her with all the happiness and success in all the times to come :) And wish you all the very best too :)


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