True emotions

by - Wednesday, August 15, 2012

'Today I am sharing a Guest Post at my blog honored by my dear Friend and an excellent Blogger, Janhvi. Her writing usually deals with emotions and facts that never fails to enrapture me.She blogs at ''Thoughtful Thoughts''  and at ''Blemished Love''  (together with a very famous face in the blogging world ,Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason) which is my personal favorite. Thank you so much Jani for blessing my blog with your wonderful views on Love and Friendship.

I read 'Blemished Love' ....'knowing' . Your views on love fascinates me and makes me think. Since, my blog too is about Friendship and Relation. I would love to invite you for the Guest Post at my blog to share your views on Love ( any of the aspect; your choice)''
On that her reply was -''OMG! That is so sweet of you! Gosh would love to do that anytime.
                                                 THANK YOU SO MUCH!''

A four letter word that has a place in all our lives but which hardly any of us understand even remotely. It is said that it can hardly ever be unconditional. Strange statement, because it can only be unconditional or not be existent at all. 

Many of you would think I am being idealistic, but what I am saying is the truth. If it is conditional, it cannot be love.Read this to find out why.

So then what is it? How do we define it or even understand it. As cliche' as this may sound, learn from your pet or a baby around you. You leave it alone locked and the first thing it does when it sees you be happy. The baby cries for attention, but never says/shows lack of love for you. It is us adults that use tactics such as anger and disappointment to tell the 'one we love' that they have not made us happy.

''Love is the biggest happiness'', so that means we love to be happy? Wasn't it supposed to be a pure emotion devoid of selfishness ? I am speaking a Utopian language here, it happens nowhere these days; I am told when I discuss this with people. Yes, it is rare, but that is so because we have made it that way.Our love for others is not for the emotion but for the interest it serves us.

If being honest to yourselves, you can name one person you truly love for no reason and at no point have had any doubt  for that love, I salute you. I would be lying if I said that as of now I can think of someone who I love unconditionally . I am trying to but it is still a journey in which the destination is far. 

Where are you on this path? Even started?

Here is another point that I want to raise up. A the person who has given me this opportunity to share with you all what my emotions on certain topics are, has her blog based on Love as well as Friendship. I have a little something to say about friendship too.

I read somewhere that a true friend from your side is someone about whom you have never spoken ill of except in their presence, and of whom you have necessarily pointed out something they can better. In this regard I find myself lucky as I can claim to have such friends. Can you?

And here's something special about friends, if you have too many at the same level, you have none. It is difficult to understand this concept but it is necessary. Remember that in your entire lifetime if you can find 3 or 4 people, who are truly, by all definitions, your fiends, ten consider yourself very lucky.

Just to clarify, I at no point mean to say that there will not be fights with people we love or are friends with.
The deciding factor if in those fights, our feelings change towards the point of disagreement  or the person concerned. If it is the latter, rethink your relation with that person.

Ending on a phase which I heard in a movie and should be a mantra for all of us, ''Go on and Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably and Never regret anything that made you smile''

Take care everyone!

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  1. wow. this is absolutely thought-provoking. thank you for having janhvi here, simran. it seems like i can learn a lot from her. i am on my way to her blog. <3 :-)

    1. Thank you for your beautiful compliments Irene! <3
      Janhvi - ,

    2. Thank you Irene for the beautiful compliments! <3
      Janhvi - ,

  2. i agree here that most of the time "Our love for others is not for the emotion but for the interest it serves us..." very balanced write up about "love n friendship".......

  3. Loved the cartoon in the end .. so very true.. unconditional love .. not possible in todays day and age .. and those who say that , I would like to question them ?

    Jhanvi she has written a beautiful article and loved the last two lines .. amazing


  4. Oh wow! it's really wow. Beautiful expression of feelings. And, I really believe love is unconditional otherwise it has no reason d'e`tre.
    And yes! I may say that I have true friends by my side :)
    No true relationship does say to hold your misunderstandings. in fact, love is all about leaving everything at the back & move together.
    Lovely, Superb post! :)

  5. Wonderful perspective on love and friendship! Thanks for sharing her awesome write-up here... and I couldn’t agree or deny more. But nothing ever last and unconditional love isn’t exception.

    Best wishes

  6. "Love is the biggest happiness", and every body is not lucky to have it...
    Lovely post Simran. :)

  7. umm .. i believe whenever we are in love something magical happens .. very well written by janhvi ,and thanku for sharing this one sim :)

  8. truly agree...

  9. True emotions.. I like the title and the post.. :)

    Someone is Special

  10. lovely n cute post..beautifully written simran

    my recent one :


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