Death Of A Soul

by - Monday, August 06, 2012

To soar higher with true colors of happiness
There can be seen her impeccable elite of ambiance
Bustle in with constant pace - forth towards her target
A wise sensitivity in her of patience
Remarks her prodigy of allegiance

The scenery of life changes its shades
Irrespective of the time but in respect to capricious stage
Unfolds the mysteries or misconstrue by the viscous mist
To re-write or began a new story then from there is strenuous
Alas! She was unaware of

A little delusion from her precept landed her to the world of illusion 
Obliterating in unconsciousness devouring drugs
Segregated from morals, reluctance to make decisions 
Her body and mind seeking for the dose worth for survival
Lost in insomnia, aggression,restlessness ache within

Conflicting her reaches to destiny  
A fear within isolating her in solitude where no one cares
In vague, her sarcastic attitude towards the life
She passed her youth in dilemma of placating her mind and body
The addiction of drugs made her commit sins in her past

That left deep scars not only on her mind and body
but also pinched her inner-soul
blaming her conscience in regret ; a sudden delusion transformed her life
shattered her willing and feelings
Blemishes in her past twitched her with each of her breath

That leaded to Death Of A Soul
Her soul died before her earthly body
the spark of truth and zeal she lost once , a little negligence 
extracted a dual conspire in her
the denouement ; her soul died before her.

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  1. Touching indeed...

    It pains to see how some mistakes suck the soul out of someone's life; their existance on earth...

    1. Sometimes things are not in our control. They just happens and makes the worst of it!

      Thanks Vishal!

  2. Super post! :) What an interesting array of feelings...a desire,a sudden delusion n shattered dreams............. well written

    1. Super excited after reading your appreciation! Thanks shona...

  3. your compositions really amazing dear...u r really blessed by HIM... :)
    "The scenery of life changes its shades"...loved this line... :)
    take care...GOD bless u... :)

    1. Yes! I am blessed...thanks to God! :)
      Many things in life becomes simpler with the expression of writing. Healing indeed!

      That's my fav too! Cheers!
      Thanks a lot Sarab :)

  4. This is a sad prose little one...nobody would ever want to reach this phase... I believe in hope and love.

    1. Hope and Love are powerful enough for the existence and reason to live.
      Happy you believe in...

      Thanks Dear One! :)

  5. Really sad, but so very true !!!

  6. "Her soul died before her"

    Little One, I'm touched on reading this poem and the way you used the words.. Sad, touching and beautifully composed.. Thanks for writing this..

    Someone is Special

    1. Thank you so much, Special One for making my day and adding a Smile to my face by your precious words! :)
      So happy you liked! It's all your wishes...


  7. If you( in fact 'we')would find someone trespassing on distraction leading to the abysmal, bring him/her to this poem. He/she would surely find her way :)

    1. If so...It would something really great that my words show someone a right path!

      thanks dear:)

  8. Dear Simran,
    Wonderful composition filled with depth of emotion. Sadly, this is the life for many. Very nicely done & I like the image you chose too. Thanks for sharing.

    Sensuous Darkness

    1. Hi Andy Dear! :)

      So happy that you felt my words so deeply and also liked the image. :)
      Thank you so much for stopping by and blessing me with your precious words. Will be at yours soon :)

      Thank you so much!

  9. Very powerful and you used the phrase very well. All the best to your team Simran:)

    1. Happy to listen from you...
      Thank you so much, Saru :) Best wishes to your team too!

  10. Great deal with intellectual and lose of spirit, Simran! I could easily relate it with people I know well... It’s all mind that matters and lose to control the overwhelm zeal and insane... that supports sin.

    I find a great insight and profound in your write-up dear! Keep it up :)
    Best wishes

    1. It’s all mind that matters and lose to control the overwhelm zeal and insane... that supports sin.

      So happy to read your words :)
      Thank you so much..blessed me !

      My best wishes to you too
      Take care

  11. This is saddest thing that can ever happen....soul dying before body!
    Beautiful write simi....

    1. Fatal for the existence!
      Glad you liked! Thanks dear :)

  12. Replies
    1. Welcome Dear To My Friendship!

      Happy to read your words. Thank you so much :)

  13. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! sanjeevkmenon :)
      Pleasure to have you here...

  14. Very nice article... thank for share.. i love it.

  15. It is rare that you write sadness.
    This too has same perfection that is always there in your posts.
    Excellent command on words.

    1. Hi Dearie! :)

      Happyyyy me to read the tag of ''Perfection''
      Thank you so much :)

      To reflect the exact flow of emotions in heart and idea mind there should be a perfect knowledge of using words. Its all words that create wonders! :)
      Your presence at my blog and views on my write ups means a lot !
      Thank you so much buddy for being there everytime to understand my emotions and share!

  16. oh simran, your words strongly depict the pain and the darkness which comes when one's soul dies. there is so much truth to this piece and i am already thinking of the people i saw who experienced this tragedy. again, beautifully written piece <3 :-)

    1. Reading your appreciations makes me happy and encourages me to write more.This is the story of today..happening at every corner of the world. harsh truth! I wish my post could make one realize in case he/she is facing the same.Glad you liked!

      Thanks :)

  17. Simran,
    For so many people this life is like leading with the soul dead. Nicely written. Keep on writing.

    1. That's the reality of today!
      Thanks Sabyasachi :)
      Glad to have you here..


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