In Memory Of Kaka

by - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Today Bollywood faced a great loss after the death of Super Star Rajesh Khanna. The first Cine- Star . He was unwell from past two months was all coming in news but today he took his last breath at his house ''Aashirwaad.'' After listening the news I almost burst into tears. I always love and prefer to watch old hindi movies rather than new ones because of some real actors like Rajesh Khanna, Sanjeev Kumar, Vinod Mehra.

I have watched all super hits of Rajesh Khanna. My personal favorites are Aanand, Do raaste, Kati Patang, Amar Prem ,Saccha Jootha and Aradhana. Watching him continuously made me his fan. My eyes every time searching for his movies and to listen his songs.He made the world to love him passionately. I am not alone made behind him but the whole Bollywood and the world! He was well known with the nick name ''Kaka'' and there is a famous proverb made '' Upar aaka , niche Kaka''
Rajesh Khanna's real name was Jatin Khanna but he changed his name on his uncle's say. He used to roam in luxurious Sports Car even in his days of struggle when famous actors fail to afford such costly cars. Females fans used to kiss on his white car and in evening it was find colored into red with their red patches of lipstick! You can imagine the place he secured in everybody's heart and peoples' madness for the Cine- Star Rajesh Khanna. Still its hard to believe but life is all about ''Jindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana ...Yahaan Kal Kya Ho Kisne Jaana'' ''Jindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo mukaam wo fir nahi aate...wo fir nahi aate''

May his soul rest in peace!
You'll remain Unforgettable in our hearts...

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  1. Great tribute to the super star! It was shocking news for us too... sure we miss a finest actor.

    I liked the song, Simran. Thanks for the wishes on my blog :)
    Take care

    1. My day begins listening his songs...

      That's my fav. song :)
      You too take care!

  2. He is a favorite in my family. My brother is such a big fan that I gifted him Anand's DVD when he moved to US.

    May he rest in peace!

    1. He will remain in hearts forever!

  3. I somehow was not a fan of him, but my condolensces and May he RIP..


  4. he was indeed a great star. Every indian felt very bad with his demise. May his soul rest at peace.

    Love him.

    Please don't mind, can anyone tell me what RIP means? I really don't know. :(

  5. I have seen several Indian friends post about his death ~ I do not know him at all but I feel deep sadness for his loss because of the tributes to him... May he forever rest in peace...

    1. The Super Star of Bollywood!
      H will remain in many hearts forever!


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