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by - Saturday, May 05, 2012

My First Review Ever : 

I'm thrilled to share about my friend,Sneha Kedar an author whom I've been following lately and her new novel ''Entrapped''. From one glance at the cover I was interested and it reminded me of a foreboding tale that really grabs your attention from the very first line.

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Cedar Books
Edition: 2011
Language: English
ISBN- 978-81-223-1246-1

About the Author: Sneha Kedar was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharastra. She is graduate in Information Technology. Right now, she is pursuing her Masters in Computer Application from Mumbai University .
She is an avid reader and active blogger.She always enjoyed reading paranormal novels,which inspired her to pen down her debut novel,which is also a paranormal fiction. Few of her articles were published in India's leading newspaper, DNA.

Entrapped is about a girl named Myra Bose, who at her 17th birthday come to know that she is a fairy.Taking admission in Fae High, she starts her magical journey which have many twists- turns and many secrets! The story moves with the  mystery of elemental spirits haunts Myra Bose in her dreams. Those dreams hints her of negative vibes around the Fae High influenced by the black magic We are trapped! .There are many powerful characters accompanies Myra Bose later like Amber,Carrie, Sera,Lona,Jack and Ryan Swift.
The character of Ryan Swift is attentive in this tale that  moves the story with romance between Myra and Ryan. Myra could not give time to her lover, Ryan and they live apart. But after knowing the whole mystery Ryan supports Myra in accomplishing the target. Myra and her friends with their elemental powers seeks for the hidden secrets and spirits controlling the Fae High!

My Views:
I like the character of Myra Bose. Filled with energy of youth,eagerness,determination and faithfulness.The way she handles the enigmatic situations magnificently .A very promising character! While reading Entrapped I never felt the boredom but the eagerness at each new chapter.Language and description are wonderful .You can imagine the scenes while reading!

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  1. Good read.. Liked your review little one..

    1. I did this review many months back but was not sure whether to share or not but then I realized my dear ones are here to correct me :)

      Happy you liked...thank you so much!

  2. Good one Will check it out for sure :)


    1. That's great! :D
      Thank you so much ...

  3. i will check it out for sure too.:)


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