Mystery : Twinge or Love ?

by - Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day in day out , every passage of moment of mine you collaborated or should I say 'steal away '? . A draft of summarize memories each time you leave as a spot of cocoa ; unabashed in my heart. Am all over live in your thoughts .Sometimes sweet sometimes sour that pleases me and somewhere tease , break my heart and scatter into pieces fiercely with a scream that no one can listen , for I just wanna ask , ''Why did you leave me when I was all yours?'' she comes more closer to him ...

Naah .. not yet! After this how he is going to react. Will he be making excuse, exploit her, be fool her or simply accept her? Eager to know ...right?
Then keep waiting for the next part . Part 2! 

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  1. ''Why did you left me when I was all yours?'' Very painful lines......waiting for the next part..

    1. I was missing your words from so long and today you made me happy by your visit ...
      Thank you so much dear.

      Next part will be reveal out soon! :)
      Much love to you!

  2. Okay am I starting right reading from here??
    I liked it though and eager to know what is next :)
    And hello there after a long time. I see some beautiful blog changes you have made :)

    1. Welcome Ph_

      Your eagerness would be much more after reading the next part.
      Glad you liked the changes. Your suggestions are always welcome ,If any...
      Happy happy happy to have you back! :)
      Missed you so much.

    2. So when is the next part coming up?
      I am going to go through all your posts now :)
      Thank yooooouuuuuuuuuuu soooo much I am also happy to reconnect with my precious friends and especially you :D
      Had my last exam and now waiting for result.
      Yeah, I will surely suggest and advice when I think you'll be needing one, right now you're doing a great job :)

    3. Hey Dear :)

      Next part has been already published. You can read the 3rd part too :)

      Aww... so happy to know I am one of your precious friend and let me tell you me too feeling the same. So happy to have my dear buddy back! :D Excited!
      Wow! Same pinch* Me too got free from exams today,finally :P :D
      Now its Summer Holiday time :)
      Will be waiting to know your advice...

      Best of Luck for the result.You will rock . I'm sure :)

    4. Yes you are! :D
      Thank you dear :)


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!