Mystery : Twinge or Love ? #3

by - Monday, May 14, 2012

''That evening I asked you to meet me because I wanted to propose you and to continue my rest of the life with you but ...

When I was waiting for you I met my college friend ,Rashi to whom I loved immensely from the very first day but never expressed my feelings for her just because she loved someone else that hurt me greatly. I tried hard to forget her but still my love is as live as before somewhere deep in my heart and that day when we met again I couldn't control myself and told her how much I love her and it was a matter of surprise for me that someone else to whom she loved was 'ME' he uttered with a zeal and turned his face away with hesitation.She was in tears.

Listen, I know its a kind of shock for you. I don't think it would hurt you greatly at all. We just met 2 years back and I would not provoke you to be as just a friend. I am in engage relationship with her now. So, its better for you to forget me , our love and please its a kind request stay away from me as much as possible and let two lovers dwell together in peace. That would be the best gift and wishes you can give me and her ever! I know you love me and knows better what things could make me happy. There was a deep silence .
He turns back and stare at the scene with his wide open horrified eyes and screams ''Oh God! What you did !'' .

She was lying on the bed disgracefully. The bed-sheet was completely messed up with the blood as she penetrated the sharp knife into her vein.Still her heart was throbbing , her eyes open , trying hard to utter something..''I don't know how you collected a bundle of guts to say all these things so easily to me. You had hurt me a lot! How can you say me to forget you... I loved you with all my heart and will keep loving to you always no matter 
how much you hate me.

If staying away is the best gift I can give to you then I think staying away from you and living in your heart as a regret would be much more better.I am giving up my life so that you could stay happy because your happiness would give peace to my soul as it has always!

A love you note she wrote with her blood for 'Him' 

The feeling of being in love is so intense that it feels like it will last forever. We can't believe that the other person doesn't feel the same way. We can't believe that this sacred relationship has been betrayed. You may have been sure that you were in the same wavelength and that you understood each other. Meanwhile, you have been walking on parallel and eventually divergent tracks the entire time. The feelings of betrayal and hurt may take many years to heal and sometimes they stay forever!

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  1. This post shows darker side of love...Love can make people mad...:( Love is a curse, suffering for people who don't get love back...:/

    1. Love has different phases. Love is strange!
      I agree it becomes no less than a curse for the one who do not get the same amount of love back.

      Thanks Valli :)

  2. oh god, sad post for me .. why would love take a life when love is supposed to bring two people together ...

    but a godo write up simran , by the way why are you thinking of such sad stories ??????


    1. Love brings togetherness but when feelings are not true then it takes no time to even separate.

      Glad you liked :) :)
      Hmm...because I want to share how little things, a word, little action,carelessness how badly affect relations and how terrible could be their outcome.
      Will soon come up with something happy happy ...the other phases of cheers :D

  3. My dear Simran.
    I am so proud of your talent. Yes, there are so many opinions of love. I can only say that LOVE is PERFECT and we are imperfect. How could imperfection really understand the vast greatness of sweet love? Yes, with this imperfect and sinful life, love will always be tested by the sword of sorrow. Thanks for sharing my friend. I will also like to invite you to Lover's Cove Challenge and Blog Hop Saturday. Check my blog for details. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Andy Dear,

      Glad to know you feel proud of me, honored! :)
      I agree, its we are who sometimes don't understand the sweetness and depth of precious love and lost it as if it was a waste!!
      But we hardly realize the pain of that true loving heart's dedication.

      Will check out about the challenges. Thank you so much for informing me :) :)
      Your words encourage me write more. Thanks a lot dear!

  4. Thanks to Ate Melissa for giving me your blog link. I was looking for you cause I missed your post, how you write poems and everything. This story made me sad .. Aww. Feels like I'm heartbroken.

    1. Hi Faye ,
      So happy to have you back!
      Aww..that's nice to know you missed my posts...that's encouraging for me to know that someone really cares for what I write.Thanks you so much Faye!

      Ah! don't say like that dearie ..will soon come up with something about love, happiness and beauty of life and will try to rejuvenate your broken heart ;)

      Lots of Love!
      Stay smiling

  5. Thanks to ate Melissa for giving me your blog link. I was looking for you cause I missed your post, the way you write poems, stories and all. It's been a while.
    Anyway, this story made me feel like I'm a heartbroken.

    1. Thanks to ate Melissa :)

      Thanks Faye! :)

  6. AWWeeee simran sweetie! just read all the three parts in one go!

    Its a story of intense love ,unfortunately one sided!:((((( wish the girl didn't kill herself.wish she would have known that there was someone more deserving than him!!! :(((((
    agree with you that a small action can change the whole scenario all together.wish the boy knew this !!
    and yeah the posts were as sweet as ever ! :) :)

    1. ashzzes, :):)

      Love is complicated yet simple and sweet. Its we who make it so :)

      Missed ya...happy to have you back!
      Thank you so much.

  7. I think ending a life for something as trivial as unrequitted love, is a waste.. then there is no more scope of finding true love..
    pyar woh hai jo manzil paa le, agar manzil nahin mili toh it's yet to come.. it's not over yet.

    1. Hi Punam,
      Happy to see you :)
      Wow! That's true and practical. Loved your poetic lines!
      Wah Wah for that! :D

      Thanks dear..Wish to see you here regular!

  8. Love has both the sides to it. At times it is beautiful and at times its dark. This post brings the darker side of love! But it doesnt mean that if you don't get your love, you take away your life. Its sad.

    1. Welcome CD!!!

      Happy to have you ...
      Your words are true.We need to think being a little practical.

      Thank you so much dear! :)

  9. Its great to read u again Simran..
    well somebody said.. Love is blind.. u can never the extremes it can cross.

    Awesome read !!

  10. Welcome Jyoti ! :)

    Glad you had a awesome read... Thank you so much.


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