Mystery : Twinge or Love ? #2

by - Sunday, May 13, 2012

''Why did you leave me when I was all yours?'' she comes more closer to him ...

To confess her love and to know about this sudden miss happening. Cuddling her fingers with his she asserts...
''look into my eyes and tell don't you love me anymore?'' in tears
He was still in silence taking deep breath yet there is a continuous an eye to eye contact.Finally after a minute suppressing a silence he speaks out in inquiring tone ,''Do you remember the Silent Sunset?''
She repeated with an expression of astonishment ''Silent Sunset''  , how can I forget that queer evening when you called me earnestly to tell me something but we left after hours without sharing a word... Contrite
But why are you inquiring about that day?  in curious tone
Releasing his fingers he looks at the ground and then look into her eyes ''That evening I asked you to meet me because I wanted to propose you and to continue my rest of the life with you but ...

With the BUT the mystery continues ...What happened on that Silent Sunset? Why was he silenced even he himself called her to meet and to propose her ? What's that made him to withdraw his commitment of love ?
Every mystery will be reveal out in the next part #3 tomorrow!
Keep guessing and also let me know your guessing in comment section.      

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3 Token to this Friendship

  1. Its a really extremely painful when you loved someone and did she did enjoy the best of the life. she left imediately after the heart attack and business losses.

  2. Oh :(
    I wanted to know one thing though.
    Supposing a girl loves someone who doesn't know she exists and she is hell confused. Wat should we do? Let the person aware of her feelings?
    But then what if that person is not interested in you?
    This has been with my friend which is really upsetting :/

  3. Well, I think the person must get aware that there is someone having special feelings for him/her and if that someone is accepted then that's amazing! but if not then there is no other way except to accept the fact! that's really upsetting! :(


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