My Friendship's 150*

by - Saturday, May 26, 2012

I am so happy at achieving 150 blog-posts!!!  Yeyyy! I am flying , so excited and overwhelmed after having a series of exams.Got summer holidays, done with all projects, completed 150 blog posts and most special the love of my dear buddies Mohinee and Saravana (Special One). Despite of having a busy hectic schedule they promised me to take care of  My Friendship page on Facebook in my absence. Nothing could be more rejoicing  than having dear friends love and support. Very precious for me ! Thank you so much.

I still remember the day I blogged my first post. So many mistakes and even there was no sense in my write up but then also I was encouraged by my sweet readers ( P-Kay, Alcina, sHoNa)  who appreciated me and my feelings. I learnt the art of writing poetry just when I started blogging. Everyday I tried to write something, a little note just to have their appreciating words , suggestion and gradually I started working on my writing skills. The only way to learn was to read other blogs and this is how I met many excellent bloggers in this blog-sphere!

As soon as I post my blog-post I eagerly waits  to know your advises, appreciation. They means a lot me. Many times your words gives me a self realization that uplifts me and assure me to move on! Its all your words that makes me write constantly. Being here I have learnt many things and I am still learning from all of you. The art of sharing , expressing, encouraging and also many little things in life that has a great value.I love reading you all but most of the times I miss reading your posts because of my studies . I regret! 

I want to share one of the best comments in my blogging journey that makes me happy as soon as I feel sad. Many times I feel I am all alone, no one is there to accompany me but then and there my dear friend Bikramjit's words pops up into my mind  ''You have you.. so how can you be lonely .. think about it :) ''
I pondered over your words and I still use to ponder over and each time I find ... How true!! Thank you so much dear. The feeling of loneliness is no more! :D

Since we all are connected through bond of words and that strengthen our bond of amity. So, now I would like to share the words in form of love my buddies blessed me with...

Yes you guessed right. Quotation of the day! 

* ''If you find the journey long and hard, remember you are destined to reach one of the most beautiful and amazing places..''
By respected Ramesh ji

* Friendship is the best gift by the Almighty to this life

* Love is the The God and God is the complete Love.

* Friendship is always eternal, it's beyond all the relations. Every relation becomes more beautiful and perfect when we become friends of each other.

The life is full of pains and peace, all the pains turn to peace when we give our life to society and the mankind.

Don't wait others to come and love, love everybody first and spread the returns with more love always.

* “Love is what I see in her eyes; Life is what I dream with her eyes!”
“If someone asks me what is the purest relationship in the world. I would proudly say it is Friendship, the only relationship without any actual relationship!”
“It is ‘Feel the Love’ and not ‘Making Love’, please understand…”

* Life is wet patch of sand.
People may come and go
"impressions" of their transient feet
remain forever

*''Against all odds I stood tall, grew manifolds, and my essence dazzled brighter. Bit by bit I became ME.''

*Life is too short to cry, that is true, but is it also not too long to not feel enough to cry even once?

* When intense feeling of sorrow fissures heart volcano, erupts lava called tears 
* When the heart blossoms with an immense joy, it releases a sweet scent called smile

Few more golden words from a pure selfless soul that enriches my each day with a thought and confidence .The words our SIS shared in his one of the best post My life.. her shadow are...

‘there is something more than money in life and that’s love’.
‘Whatever happens in life, stay strong and give your best.’ 
‘Never let go any opportunities, give your best and show the world that you are the best’. 

I want to convey my hearty thanks to him and his mother. Every day I come across her words and always try to follow them. 

My best wishes to everyone. Keep Blogging its fun! and yeah keep supporting me because you all are my strength, my best advisers and critics. 

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22 Token to this Friendship

  1. no one can be sweet like you, little one.. Thanks for all you write and thanks for cherishing our friendship.. Happy Man.. Congrats.. keep writing...

    1. Special One, you makes my day with your words :-)
      Thank you so much!

  2. Hi, amazing blog! First, I would like to congratulate you! Hope I can reach that 150 post too and more friends as well,:) Your great sweety! I love your blog!:) Keep going!:)

    Thanks too for visiting my blog..:)

    1. Welcome to My Friendship , Sagittarian

      I wish you accomplish your 150's soon :)
      Thank you so much for such sweet words. Happy to have you dear.

      Your blog is amazing too.
      Keep expressing and sharing!

  3. OH WOW, first of all 150 posts .. as they say in good old punjab CHAKK TE FATTE KUDIYEEEEEEEEEE... yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy WELL done and congrats

    Now mentioning me on your post that is WOW, Thank you so much for considering that and its my honour If you felt that way on what I wrote.

    Your posts and poems have always been so , SO SO beautiful and meaningful , showing what a beautiful heart you have..

    Be like that ALWAYS simran and Take care and keep smiling .. lots of love and hugs and congrats once again ...


    1. hui na gal!
      maza aa gaya :D

      Your words made me realize the worth of myself! *Precious* thank you so much :-)

      Awww... that's so sweet, your appreciations are no less than an award for me.Yes, I will remain the same Chak de Fatte kudiye always :D

      You too take care...much love ad care! :) :)
      Thank you soooo much!
      You too take care

  4. Congratulations dear Simran on completing 150 posts..
    My best wishes to you in all the coming years .. May you shine in the blogging world with your beautiful writings.

    1. Thank you so much Shobha ji for blessing me with such sweet words and wishes!

      Happy blogging to you :)

  5. also frgt to mention nice craftwrk

    1. Just followed your idea :D
      Thanks !

  6. heyyyy...150 that sounds great Simran.....MUBAARAK....:)

    i wish n pray for you to continue with same enthusiasm and just go on adding more n more zeroes in this 150 figure......GET GOING...:))

    Best wishes,

    1. Shukriya .. :)

      Your words fill me with zeal to continue. Happy to see you back and have your words after so long...
      Thank you so much! :)

  7. Hip hip hurray!!!!!
    this news has got a bigg smile on my face!!!
    congrats a million dear!!!
    rise and shine !! :D:D
    and loved to see my words up here ! :D:D thanks for that !

    1. Yuppieeeee :D
      That's so sweet ashzzes!!

      Thank you so much. Your words are glory of My Friendship, how an I forget to mention them :D

  8. Reading this post I felt myself how I begin at blog, 7 years ago. Your friends’ quotes are excellent and remarkable thoughts... can’t go with one or two alone! Thanks for sharing and congrats on reaching 150 posts. Keep blogging and there are miles to go still... Enjoy the friendship and feel of love :)

    1. Welcome to My Friendship, Jeevan

      Happy my post reminded you of your initial of blogging journey. 7 years..Wow! That's great!
      Happy you liked the quotes. They are my treasure ,my strength and above that the love of my buddies...
      Thank you so much for encouraging me :) means a lot to me and my writing.
      I wish you enjoy the same too .

  9. Wow!!!!!!!!!! 150 posts! Congrats Simran :)Would like to read more 150 from you :)

    1. Thank you so much CD!!! :)
      So happy to have your wishes!
      And I would like to make you read 150 more of mine ;) :D

  10. Congratulations little one. Your collaboration with the other bloggers enriches you more than the words you yourself have written all by yourself :) I loved each and every line you and your friends have shared :)

    1. Dear One,
      Welcome !
      Missed you so much here. Thank you so much. Having my blogger buddies around, their love and care makes me feel complete and always uplifts me. Most precious!

      Happy you liked them :)
      Thank you so much ,Dear One !
      Having you adds a day into my life! Thank you so much


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