Dreamland Tune

by - Thursday, May 10, 2012

I tied my heart hard by a conscious band
for I was feared to make it lost before the end 
And I knew if once I lost it
I would never get it back the same as it is!
but as it has never been ....
It may break into thousand of pieces 
Like a mirror with the reflection of my thousand faces 
Shedding tears ,
And I won't be the same Myself but Thyself  (Other)
My little innocent heart played its own tunes
As it always do...
Flattered my heart on his twisting turn notes
My heartbeats follow pitch of his melodious flow
Capture my thoughts into the dreamland 
Of his uttered words!
So precious and pleasing tunes in day each second 
Seems everlasting
Accompanies me perceives my emotions 
And heal my pain 
Not just mine but of many
Many of never said this but I did
Its Kishore da

                       Tune ♫ ♪                                       

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4 Token to this Friendship

  1. He's one of the real maestro of all time...Beautifully penned done dear... :)

    1. Yes :-)
      The best one!
      Thank you so much ...

  2. Beautiful poem and a lovely tribute to Kishore Da..

    HE did sing such beautiful songs



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