That Last Night

by - Sunday, April 01, 2012

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One day a group of senior students stopped Neha in her way.
Neha, wait a minute we want to ask something from you !
How can I help you? said Neha in a tensed voice
We want to know about Aisha and you have only five minutes to speak out everything otherwise you'll be dumped before the whole college campus. said one of the senior with a strong ordering voice!
Neha was scared and helpless but her self priority to get rid off the troubles made her to tell everything .
OK ! by what time she finally comes in her room?
About 9:00 PM
Today you or any other girl will not enter in her room for any of the reason ...Got you?
And listen what you have to do...
Here's a duplicate key of her room. As soon as she enters the room lock the room from outside, no matter how much she scream or call anyone. We don't want any mistake so make it clear to every girl here. We have some plans and we are going to execute them tonight!
None of your idea would work so go for what we asked you to do otherwise you can have a very clear vision directing for you to hell.
Neha was depressed and she did the same as the way she was asked for! As Aisha entered in the room Neha locked the room from outside before all the girls and then they silently left for their respective rooms. There was a discussion going on between the girls ...
Why did they told to lock the room from outside?
Is there something in the room? and suddenly the other girl corrected the words in dilemma, Something or Someone? God knows!
Neha, Do you know anything about their plan?
I tried to ask but didn't have courage to speak out! I'm worried for Aisha
Don't worry Neha everything will be alright!
But how ? They are our seniors and don't forget they are heartless ! you never know their games!
We can do nothing as you have already submitted the key to seniors. We can do nothing except to wait for the morning!
The next day all the girls were crowded outside the Aisha's room waiting for the seniors to open the lock of the room. Everyone was surprised ! Aisha was not there at all! How she could go outside from the shut windows and door?
Tensed Neha was now out of her patience and did a courage to enter in the room and shouted aloud like never before as she saw Aisha ! She was shocked with the extreme horror scene. Aisha was sitting disgracefully hiding herself below her study table. Her cheeks were wet with tears, her hairs were tangled with her wide open still eyes staring at the dead body's fingers covered with blood around in her hand. Her face was messed up with blood; it seems that the whole night she tried to chew the fingers of dead person!
What made her so wild? She lost her conscious of mental level after seeing the fingers of a dead person. That made a deep impact in her heart and mind. The boys were bound to tell how all that happened and what they did to her the last night....
As they were seniors so for just a fun as ragging they thought to disturb the most famous girl of the Campus!
They kept a hand of a dead body below her pillow and locked the door to let her scream the whole night. They did just for the fun and to make laugh of her .That last night made her life in dark all her efforts in vain. Just a night turned her life dark forever!  

P.S. -It's a true incident!
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  1. Haah. This is the written form of the very famous medical school ragging video, "Hostel".

    All the best!

    1. Yep it is!
      I heard once and thought to share it in a form of story to make people aware how dreadful the raging could be!

      Thanks Enchanta for the wishes .. :)

  2. Morbid and rude...but it really happens sometimes. People can be that cruel just for fun.
    Poor girls.

    1. Thanks Fher for your views..I agree!

  3. Wonderfuly written in a diff way!

    Keep it up lil wonder

  4. If it is indeed a famous incident, I want to thank you for writing it :)
    It was an easy read... so congratulations on your simplicity.
    Good luck.

  5. nicely written Simran...I guess its from some medical college hostel ragging video... :)

    1. You guessed it right :)
      Thank you

  6. Really absorbing tale, felt the pangs, the ragging menace still lingers in our society, though a lot of efforts are made. Still, they take place. Excellent work of pen seen. This reminded me of a ragging my son had faced. one class was divided in to two facing each other, and they had to throw slippers at each other. this ordeal went on in the midnight for half an hour.

    1. My God!
      I can imagine the scene well ...a battle field!
      Thank you so much for sharing your words and appreciating :)

  7. I'd heard of that video and now I've seen the video in front of my eyes.. Thanks for writing! All the best!

  8. Oh.. that was very cruel..sometimes people go overboard with ragging and the consequences are tragic.

  9. I've seen that freaky video aswell :)

    all the best :)

  10. I haven't seen the video. Is it a true incident ? I really thought this to be a work of fiction. If its based on a true incident in a medical college like said in the comments. Its horribly sad even to imagine. Well written.

  11. Gripping narrative of a gruesome real life incident. You conveyed the scene really vividly.

  12. But I would blame the other girls who just watched (or rather heard) the drama? Is collective courage missing totally? I can understand individual courage missing - but the collective cowardice is alarming.

  13. A gripping tale, conveyed in simple words. Can feel the mental torture of the girl. All the best.

    1. Welcome Dear!

      Glad you liked...
      Thank you so much for the wishes :-)

  14. Thank you so much Simran for your vote. Wish you the very best in future.

    1. I loved your post :)

      My best wishes to you..
      keep writing


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