An Illusion

by - Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Every night she fleets
softly in chilled lake
laying by, she stares on those brimming ripples 
conspicuous with the enlightening gleaming moon
there is a mystery behind her lust!
its her believe and thirst
a mighty thirst of awaiting love
she dreams with her open eyes
well prepared to cease and seize 
but the dreams are not always sweet and true
when the moonlight and reflection of moon fall on
water she imagines that the moon is a lover of that lake
she smiles and acclaim the love story of the moon and the lake
and cherishes the vivid scene in her case
and this way her love story along with moon and lake begins
but everything goes in vain and seems like another dream with tame
that would be always  remain untrue 
every night  the lake glowed with the charm of moonlight 
but everyday it claimed to be cheated as it was a beguile 
happened each time!
the moon was never of lake and that's something mistaken the lake that mislaid !
she cried in disguise and pain
her love story continued each night 
and dread by the day!
For there was no moon in the bright day time 
it was just an illusion...the one sided love 
and was suppressed each day 
Alas! there was no coalesce   

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  1. I like the imagery here of the lake believing the moon is hers forever. Beautiful.

    1. Happy you liked it Rimly :)
      Thank you...

  2. its always better that we recognise illusions in our life with whom we're living and stay away from illusions because they can hurt us a lot and unfortunately all of us have some of them...very well written Simran... :)

    1. Illusions are always heart breaking and usually prone to everyone of us...It happens and is inevitable because of some circumstances... but a one time mislead can make aware!

      Thank you :)

  3. simran......what a beautiful,wonderful, creative imagination!!!!!!!!!
    I loved it...specially the lines "the moon was never of lake and that's something mistaken the lake that mislaid"

    smiles sweetie! :D:D

  4. Hey ashzzes! :)
    Wow!so happy to have your appreciating words...thanks a lot!

    Smiles and love! :)

  5. Hi Simran,
    loved the opening line..
    filling consciousness with light of gleaming moon..
    Sonic fields of flesh..
    awesome metaphors u have used..u stretched life in some really beautiful words:)
    Awesome read !!
    tried to comment on it yesterday itself but it didn't stick.

    1. Hi sHoNa,
      Thank you so much for praising me and my writings... :-)
      Glad you enjoyed the read.

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  7. The imagery is so pure and elegant... Your words inspire me. :)

    1. That's a great compliment for me that my words inspired you ...
      Thank you , Anshul :-)

  8. Vow! Lil wonder u never fail to surprise me..So damn beautiful compostion, as simple as deep just as ur thoughts n persona..

    Keep going my love :)


    1. Hey Mani <3
      Whenever I read your comments I feel so happy and encouraged ... Thank a lot dear ... you have a beautiful golden heart :)

      Stay smiling!

  9. Little one... I've no words ************************* Too Good ********************

    1. Special One,
      Your words are special for me ..and here no words ??
      Hmm...Not done !
      But I got the reason behind your silence :)
      Your sweet silence appreciation ..thank you sooo much my special one!

      And sorry for giving such late replies. Actually I never knew that anyone comes to read my reply because till now no one replied back... but just happy and amazed to know that my special dear comes to read my replies ! :)
      Now will reply to comments in time :)


    2. I used to read and reply to your response.. check old posts little one..

    3. Really?

      Strange...all comments here are at moderation mode and I never received one back from you.

      Hmm..Will take care from now onward :-)

  10. nice lines
    realy v gud

    1. Hey Anonymous,
      Welcome :)

      Thank you ...

  11. Very beautiful and intense poem beautifully showed that thin line which separates reality from fantasies....

    1. Thank you so much Valli .... Love when you appreciates me :-)

  12. My dear Simran,
    This poem is filled with depth and beauty, albeit bittersweet.
    Very nicely expressed. Thanks for sharing.
    You make me happy for accepting the Featured Follower! Award too. Stay well dear friend and keep on smiling. Have a wonderful week ahead!

    Day 20 (23): Tearful Maiden

    1. Hi Andy Dear,
      Happy you liked .. :)
      Was trying to write something from many days but somehow feelings were not coming out...but somehow I broke that threat and finally composed this :-)

      Thank you :-)
      Its my honor to be the featured follower at your blog .. you too have a wonderful weekend ahead! Stay happy!

  13. fantastic expression of illusion :) loved it! keep smiling & writing too! :)

    1. Thank you so much, sowmya :-)
      You too keep writing and smiling...

  14. fantastic expression of illusion simran,i loved it :) keep writing & smiling always!

    1. Thank you so much, sowmya :-)
      You too keep writing and smiling...


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