The first Sunset I Remember

by - Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poem Featured at Leo's blog during 2nd FC

The first sunset I remember
That changed me and my life
Sitting at shore below the orange sky
Turning wide into dark dusky
I was lost in miseries of life
That gave me nothing but a little hope to survive
How long the hope can be alive...
If life itself stops you to revive
Messed up my thoughts
Diverged were my paths
No one to listen me and feel my pain
The first sunset I remember
The beginning of my transformed life
I remember!
I was lost in delusion
Waiting for the ruminating flow
To touch and engulf me
Make me lost into its eternity
Meeting death
But then I realized the certainty
Certainty of miseries
How can I withdraw this beautiful gift of God
This uncertain life;
For just certain curse this life gave me
Life is short then why to make it lost?
God is my strength ; he resides within me
And the moment!
I heard my inner soul perhaps the God's voice
''Never let yourself lost in the darkness of miseries
Come up with much more power and strong believe in yourself
when things go wrong , recognize yourself and prove!
This world would applause for you and sighs at their deeds
There will be a Sunshine ; you'll succeed .

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16 Token to this Friendship

  1. Beautiful !
    There DEFINITELY be a sunshine and APPLAUSE for you dear...

    1. Welcome Shobha Ji :-)

      I'm so happy and delighted to have you here...

      Thank you so much for your sweet blessing words :-)
      Hope to listen from you each time...

  2. May the sun shine always on you and may you have always a sunny smile, sweet Simran!

  3. Offcourse there will be a sunshine ..

    Its amazing to read such beautiful words from such a young person .. Well done simran once again and keep it up ..


    1. Happy to know that...

      Thank you so much :-)

  4. that was beautifully written Simran...loved the 2nd image... :)

  5. every sunset comes with a promise of a sunrise!! :D:D

    my fav. lines
    God is my strength ; he resides within me
    And the moment!

    so lovely simran!! :D:D

    1. Happy you liked and quoted your fav. lines...
      Thanks ashzzes! :-)

  6. God is everybody's strength,, liked the poem..

    1. That's true...
      Thank you Ruchi :-)

  7. Hugs are greet. Very thoughtful and well written. Much like your all other posts

    1. Happy to know that..
      Thanks Shona! :)

      Hugs {}

  8. of course little one.. there will be sunshine.. Loved this..

    1. Happy you loved it! :-)
      Thank you


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!