Bash! Its Someone Special's Birthday!

by - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Is today something special?
Hmm...Let me think!
Wow! It's Someone Special's Birthday! Yea...
How can I miss this golden opportunity to make a wish for my Special One makes me smile each time with his words and concerns. And now it's my turn!
 Here's a sketch I made.I am not that good but still I tried ...I tried my best :) Just to make you Surprise! Surprised na? :D

Hues of rainbow may flicker
Around you
Painting your dreams on a canvas of reality 
Please you with fulfillment 
Yearning success and love

Breaking the hurdles; I wish you move on and on
Icing the goal
Reasons are not required for a winning heart as yours
Treasure of many hearts you are! 
Holds a special place
Deserves all the gifts of life 
An inspiration you are!
Yes, its Someone is Special!

An amazing poet, a passionate writer, an upcoming novelist and a great man with true, loving and a pure heart that has a chasm for everyone. He has a miraculous dedication and ability to prove himself the Best one in whatever he do. If he is going to take part in a contest then he is going to be a sure winner because he writes from his heart; so pure. My words can not explain his prodigy.
You are my inspiration and I am blessed to have a true friend who motivates me to accept the challenges, to see the beauty around and remains always ready to help me and everyone around.
Let Us Wish Him Together
   ~ Happy Birthday To You Dear SiS ~

Make A wish...
Happy Birthday to you dear SiS (Special One). Thank you so much for being every time there to support always the same as you are! May you get the best of everything in life. Best wishes to you and your sweet mom! 
Special Wishes from Grandma !

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  1. Very very sweet and beautiful, beautiful sketch too. Happy Birthday Saravana.

  2. pass on my wishes to SiS...
    Happy b'day :)

  3. beautiful.. well done simran

    Many happy returnds of the day to S.I.S. ask him to give me a treat he is only an hour away from me he he hehe


  4. Soooooooooo Sweet... and lovely.. SiS should be very happy to have you as a friend.. Simran..

  5. happy birthday Saravana. best wishes always:)

    Simran........mind blowing <3

  6. Sweeeettttttttttttttttttttt......................... I'm really really really touched Little One.. *Happy Tears*.. I dunno how to express Little one.. Thank you so much..

    Someone is Special

  7. @Mohinee ~ Thank you so much for the wish..

    @Cynosure ~ Thank you so much!

    @Bikram ~ That's a fantastic idea and yes, we have to meet man.. Thanks for the wishes..

    @Ramesh Sood ~ Thank you so much :-) Yeah, I loved it so much...

  8. such a sweet post dear!!!..really sweeet!!!! ...the pic was soo soo cute!!!...a lovely surprise!!!
    @ sis .. happy birthday !!! are really really special! :D:D

  9. a very happy bday to SIS...
    may u guys share this bond 4 forever :)

    1. Thank you so much Jyoti.. I wish the same.. She is such a sweet frend..

  10. That is such a sweet gesture Simran!! I wish I get such wishes for my birthday too!! :)


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