Mesmerizing that beautiful incident

by - Monday, February 20, 2012

My grandmother has a great charm towards the nature.As I remember I was about of 6 or 7 years of age when an enticing incident took place. Me and Grandma were in our lavish green garden cover with grasses and elegant fragrant blossoms. She was singing  a melodious song while watering the growth. I didn't understand what she was singing but still was dancing on its tune and suddenly my sight captivated by a magnificent sky blue color butterfly with white dotted patches on her feathers, a black color sharp outline covering her feathers all around.

I was curious to see her beauty. For once I glared at my Grandma , she was busy in her own tunes and watering the growth. I took my steps close to that resplendent creature to grapple, and I did!. But her quivering feathers irritated my fingers and I loosed my hand with a disgrace to let her fly and then I realized Grandma standing besides me with hopeless glimpse..the reason was I plucked one of the flower while chasing the butterfly.
I still remember the way she stared at me. 

I thought now its a time to bear some pain and scold but the reverse happened!. After few minutes leaning down holding my arms with caress she said, ''My Child,  they are just like you..the sweetest creation of the God ! protect them, they are the living treasures.Do not kill them''.  At that moment I didn't understand the depth in her words but a moral to protect the beauty of nature and I think that's something today lead me so close and sensitive towards the nature. 

A grin my face wears 
Mesmerizing that so pulchritudinous incident 
Happened once in lavish greenery
My innocent sight
Filled with curiosity inside
Joy and flicker to chase that
Cute colorful butterfly
I did a mistake
An innocent crime,
Crime of killing a beautiful flower
Gleaming in Sunshine
I was not threatened or penalized 
But my pristine heart feel the guilt inside
Few words of Grandma ruled over me magically
Made me a nature's lover
A sensitive discoverer enumerating thoughts
Composing all of them made me visionary and soft
I don't care what I have or what I lost
Because I have a treasure of nature around
To get lost in its eternity and splendor 


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  1. That's a beautiful experience you had with your Grandma...We need to learn a lot from our Grand parents...

  2. Grandmas are wonderful....nice expressions here.

  3. Nice post sweets. I like ur spirit.
    God BlessU!

    Love and best wishes!


  4. dear Simran, you carry the legacy of gentleness of your granny. Love you both!

  5. That was a beautiful lesson from your grandmother! Aren't grandparents' wisdom amazing? :-)

  6. @⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺

    This incident is very close to me..
    Yeah we need to learn a lot from our grandparents!

    Thank you...

  7. @Mani

    Thank you so much mani dear..
    Lots of love to you too!

  8. @PORTIA

    So happy to read your words..
    Thank you,Posh :)

  9. @Irene @ Inspiration From The Little Things

    Glad you liked it, Irene..
    Yep! They have great wisdom and instinctive power too :)

    Thanks Irene for stopping by..
    Wish to have here again.. :)

  10. very well said my dear Sim... feeling the guilt inside confirms the beautiful heart inside u... Yes! nature has ample beautiful stuffs for us to ponder on! <3

  11. -Good piece of information.
    -Good piece of information.

  12. hi simran,truly beautiful and heart-warming post. Loved all your pictures and poems alike :)liked the pic on the post..faint landscapes with bubbly butterfly..a lot. not sure why. great post, with some amazing pictures and all the best....Nice travel down the memory lane.
    Excellence at it's best is all I can say.

  13. Little one you are blessed with wonderful grandma.. Beautiful post.. Thanks for writing...!

    Someone is Special

  14. beautiful poem simran...its a lovely way of capturing a movement and preserving it!! :D...nature always attracts me....and so did your sweet words!!! :D:D


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