by - Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Journey is a start,
stardom of ardor within 
way to destiny!

The destiny of 
success once you dream of ! 
never stop your jaunt 

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16 Token to this Friendship

  1. The purpose of a journey is a destiny - one we may or may not know! Lovely thoughts!

  2. May you arrive at your destiney safely!

    Well challenged!

  3. These are lovely thoughts to end this part of the journey with. But I know you will have many more to share. I am so happy to have travelled this short distance with you.

  4. I have no intention of stopping my jaunt. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Journey with My Muse

  5. hope journey :)
    Stay Blessed

  6. an awesome read...very rightly said... :)

  7. Every journey has it's destiny. This one had the destiny to write 29 haiku in one month. I did write more than 29 haiku, but this journey was really fun. I am glad that you were on of my companions on this journey. I loved it very well and will sure miss it.
    Another journey awaits ... another destiny to reach ...


  8. I am glad we all met through this challenge! I like the idea of "destiny" Simran! Cheers!

  9. Very beautiful.. Stay blessed.. I am happy to have you as a challenger despite your exams.. Thanks..!

  10. Our journey is an adventure ~~

    It has been a joy to visit you and your creative contributions this past month. In many ways it is difficult to believe the challenge is over, and in other ways, I am glad. :D It has been a pleasure. Thank you ~~ Here is my last day ... Day 29.

  11. Thanks for sharing your haiku and thoughts. May your journey be full of love and blessings ~

    Cheers ~

  12. That's awesome Haiku....Simi...related journey and destiny in a beautiful way...

  13. Oh , very good.. destiny if only we knew what it was :)
    but still we go on working towards it ..


  14. beautifull post ...we shld all learn from you hw to create excellent post .distinct it

  15. short but awesome...I personally believe that Life is a path or a journey....several times i tried to write about it but never made it....


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