A tribute to Pancham Da

by - Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Today is a death ceremony of Bollywood's legend and a  great  music director R.D. Burman. I would like to share today something about this great musician who showed a bright way to the Bollywood's music industry.

Rahul Dev Burman (R.D Burman) was born in Kolkata. According to some stories, he was nicknamed as Pancham because, as a child ,whenever he cried,it sounded in fifth note (Pa) of the Indian musical scale.The word Pancham means five in Bengali .When he was nine years old,he composed his first song, Aye meri topi palat ke aa. The tune of the song Sar jo tera chakraaye was composed by him as a child.His father loved the tune and included it in the soundtrack of Guru Dutt's Pyaasa and later in 2004, the soundtrack for Pyaasa was given an award for ''The Best Music In Film''.

R D Burman started his career as assistant to his father, Sachin Dev BurmanBurman's first released movie as a music director was Mehmood's Chhote Nawab (1961).R D Burman was India's most popular composer in 1970s (Hindi Cinemas's superstar era), famous for his hippy tunes.
Pancham was very creative person. At times, RD doubled up as a singer too. His percussion included a spoon against a glass (Chura liya hai from Yaadon Ki Baaraat").He recorded the light version of Hume tumse pyar kitna in the voice of playback singer Kishore Kumar.He recorded a variety of songs rendered by Kishore Kumar notably the classical song Mere naina sawan bhado, the sad song Chingari koi bhadake, the philosophical song Aanewala pal, the piano song Pyar diwana hota hai, the romantic song O mere dil ke chain, the hummable wonder Raat kali, the separation song Zindagi ke safar me, the rainy song Rimjhim gire saawan,the cabaret Piya tu ab toh aaja from Caravan (1971), the ultimate hippie anthem Dum Maro Dumfrom Hare Rama Hare Krishna (1972) or the classical Raina beeti jaaye.And many more hit songs.

He suffered from a heart attack in 1988 and underwent heart surgery. During this period, he composed many tunes, which were never released. In 1994, there were four more releases, of which 1942: A Love Story (released after his death) has an unforgettable score. The film won him the third and last of his Filmfare Awards. In his short life span of 54 years he proved himself to be the best Indian musician of all the time!

Since my little age till now I love to listen him. Even his music is the only reason I like old hindi songs rather than of present time. Whenever me and my dad have time together ,we use to listen those songs composed by him and try to take out the same tune through our mouth,patting fingers and legs.Wow! I enjoy those moments a lot!. With his wondering talent and hard working he have secured a special place in millions of hearts including mine  Facebook Happy Smiley Face .Today,the whole day after humming his tunes I thought to write a poem, a tribute to my so favorite Pancham Da.  So Here it is! 

Music of yours in my heart I borrow
I glimpse with a hearty grin on those ever ranging sorrows.

Tuning your melody again and again
But my everlasting madness to listen them fails to make me feel mundane 

Music is a reflection of feelings from the heart so pure
With your soft touching compositions my annihilate heart get cure

Whenever my heart cry or smile
I play your songs and close my eyes

Your music accompanies me to my beautiful dreamland
Of imaginations and wonders

The day become so dull and bore
Until the sweetness of your music echo in my ears and tune into my heart's core

With your music;
I learnt the beauty of love,
The pain of lost,
Happiness in little things
And a true madness for own-self's passion

Your five musical notes Pancham Da
I choose  as a melody of my life and heart's song
Because I could not play any other music as yours too long
You'll be always in my heart 

One of my favorite is this one~

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  1. Beautiful musical creation sweetheart...:) superb lines from heart..:) and the song is my fav..

  2. This is a great post in honor of Pancham da. He was a legend of music. ♪ ♫

  3. Sweetheart wt a beautiful tribute and lovely poem as a token of appreciation to d ever great Panchamda!
    He was a magician and I too love his music....my lil wonder alwys surpirises me..

    Love U!!

    God Bless!!

  4. He will always remain in our memories...no one can compare to him..beautiful dedication.

  5. This song is one of my favourites as well. I liked the album as well where Asha Bhonsle sang the song.

    A great tribute to Panchamda.

    Joy always,

  6. Pancham belonged to the golden era of Hindi music, or the golden era was all but Pancham Da's lifetime, it would be hard to say.
    The music is still alive, and so is He, and will remain so.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  7. Pancham da was absolutely the most successful music director...A satisfaction his music gives us that is just incomparable.
    It was a very nice tribute. We will always let his presence alive from his songs among us...


  8. What a beautiful tribute to Pancham Da, Simran. You really surpass yourself.


  9. Hello Simran dear.
    I like the era of music that he belonged to, especially those old Indian love songs. I have the video you chose too. Your poem is a nice touch. Lovely tribute to a very talented man.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Golden Footprints

  10. A lovely tribute to a master musician!

  11. a beautiful tribute Simran!

    hope you are well my friend and have a wonderful weekend!


  13. Bikram,
    Yes he was!
    Thank you! :)

    Thank you dear :)

    Will keep giving you surprise..
    Just be ready for them :D

    Thank you :)

  14. Susan,
    Nice to know that!
    His every composition was a magic!
    Thank you,Susan :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete,
    His everlasting memories and compositions...
    Thank you ,Anshul :)

    Happy to listen that...
    Thank you! :)

    Thank you Dear for praising me each time :)

    magiceye ,
    Nice to have you..
    Thank you! :)

  15. Andy Dear,
    Thank you :)

    Rahul Bhatia,
    Thank you :)

    I'm very well ..hope you are too :)
    Thank you :)

    Thank you ^_^

  16. Nice attempt. Keep on listening. God bless


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