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by - Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eyes are the reflection of heart…
But what should I do when no one can read the bursting pain within my eyes?

Actions are the reflection of thoughts…
But what should I do when no one understands the depth within my thoughts?

Smile is a sign of unsaid words…
But what should I do when no one recognize that false smile I wear all the day?

To help the needy is equal to feeding the almighty…
But what should I do when people stay away giving a name of privacy?

Kindness is the beauty of heart…
But what should I do when people name my kindness as dual persona?

Living in solitary ends up with a feeling of lost…
But what should I do when I have nothing except the loneliness ?

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  1. hmmm a lot of difficult questions ..

    you have you.. so how can you be lonely .. think about it :)

    Take care simran and keep smiling


  2. At times,its very difficult to understand our own inner conflicts...its best to follow your heart...well written.

  3. Beautiful is the word I can say about this post :) xx

  4. My lil wonder do wteva u is nasty...if u start caring n thinking abt it u will feel only jst be urself n follow ur heart..


  5. Very well written! We sometimes live in a facade!

  6. Hello Simran dear.
    This is so sad & an all too painful reality for many. I hope this is just poetic expression & not true for you. Whatever the case may be, always be yourself & do what gives you pleasure.
    Very nicely expressed.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I love hearing from you.

    A Flower And A Tear

  7. Beautiful dear, loved the honesty that's striking with each of this post of yours :)

    Wish you a very happy new year ahead :)

  8. I love the look of your blog. especially the rose petal effect :) I didn't have trouble loading the page so the change is a good one!

    thank you for being so supportive on my work and now that I can get on your blog with no trouble I can easily express my gratitude of your fine work.

    I love your thoughts and you express them very well. this one is a thinker and can lead to many more great and very deep works.

    A lot of great comments here and very well deserved but the one that resonates with me is what Bikramjit said. 'You have yourself' but if you don't like your own company then that could be a problem :) But you do know what we mean.

    blessings to you my friend
    take care!


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