by - Monday, December 05, 2011

That was just a meet,
His smile and hearty greet,
Together with his humorous talks and a little walk,
Once again opened my heart's lock!
The peacefulness within me turned to perky,
Darkness within was now replace by lucidity,
His presence ruined the emptiness with the ample of care and love..
I believe now time changes everything!
As it changed the strings of my heart from a woeful ballad to beautiful tunes,
He never left me alone in my thoughts!
But do really was he still walking along with me?
While an instant loiter glance my lingering steps stepped off pebble with a jerk!
And I razed in his protective arms,
But that was a road where I fell down helplessly...
He was no where now,
I was left there so lonely with turmoil thoughts...
That was the moment I realized that he was in my imagination!
His last word ''Adieu'' echoed in my ears again and again,
A tear trickled down from my eyes as I gazed up at twinkling sky...
Mesmerizing memories that were still alive and fresh as it happened yesterday! 

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  1. JANU,

    Glad it touched you somewhere deeply..
    Thank you so much!

  2. hmmm what my anger is why does this ADIEU or BYE have to come in between ..

    a beautiful poem and yeha nostalgic brought some unwanted memories


  3. I feel many posts of mine sum up to what all you said in the poem..
    as every story begins it ends too :)

    After a longtime have perched on your blog..will try and comment more often than not..

    Nice composition

  4. Cant believe that such deep thoughts come from an angel f such young age...Soo beautiful my love:)


  5. so, are you in love? It shows!

  6. Bikramjit,
    For twisting turns ;) :P
    And to make us realize the worth of one!

    Thank you so much :)

  7. Alcina,
    I'm so much happy to have you here again..Can't tell :)

    Glad you liked it Snehu ..
    Would love to have your suggestions and corrections too :D

    Hope to have you regular here..

  8. Mani,
    Thoughts have no bound Mani dear :)
    Thank you so much ! :)

  9. I felt that particular emptiness in me while reading this.
    Lovely as always :)

  10. Ph_
    Glad that you liked it!
    Thank you so much ..
    Stay smiling

  11. This is lovely, Simran as always. Soulful. Love your blog. God bless :) xx

  12. Awww... this is sad. But never give up hope. You will find the right one, or rather he will find you.

  13. awesome........this creation tells a story in itself.....

    "Together with his humorous talks and a little walk,
    Once again opened my heart's lock!"

    everything starts with this quality...beware from the people of good humour..:) :)

  14. wow Simran,
    u write wonderfully well
    this seems straight from ur heart...
    ur blog looks lovely too,

    ur 112th gfc follower.

  15. Animesh,
    Glad to have you here ..
    Thank you :)

  16. Shreya,
    Keep loving ;)

    Thanks a lot ,Shreya :)

  17. Really touching sweetheart. Words are reflection the heart and feelings beautifully.

  18. Simran, I can feel your pain. Life is beautiful and you are young, smile and enjoy it.Touching poem...

  19. Hello.
    Bittersweet nostalgic memories.
    You penned this beautifully Simran dear & the image you chose for it is perfect.
    Keep up the good work dear one!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I always appreciate your comments.

    For ref:
    Eleven Roses And You

  20. beautifully written simran but an ADIEU in-between hurts a lot even in imagination..

    Someone is Special

  21. i simply loved the end... beautiful flow...but although the pain kept grippin in closing in...nice work...:)

  22. This poem shows how you are evolving. I liked the way you wrote it~ it's deeper and felt in the heart.

    On nostalgia, it seems that when the time is fresh and the relationship is new, we're almost sure it'll end up with a happy ending. But there are always circumstances that'll challenge the relationship.

    I do remember him sometimes. Not often as before and I always find myself happy now after that. Nostalgia opens spaces in my heat for happy thoughts :)

  23. drenched in pain with deep thoughts. you are really growing up, little princess:)

  24. very nostalgic make me remember those hurtful feeling....

    r u in love too? these painful emptiness heart etc....r same symptoms i felt long back ago when i felt love for first time....

    u penned it very beautifully....keep writing...

  25. Mohinee,
    Thank you so much Mohu :)

  26. Rimly,
    Hope so dear...
    Thank you :)

  27. CS Devendra K Sharma "Man without Brain"

    Welcome to my blog :)

    Thank you so much !
    Glad you enjoyed the post...

  28. sm,
    Nice to have you after so long..
    Thank you :)

  29. Rohit,
    Welcome to my blog :)
    Your comment added a smile to my face...
    Thank you so much for appreciating my blog and following :)

    Stay smiling!

  30. Sulekkha,
    Thank you so much for such sweet words :)

  31. Andy,
    Thanks a lot Andy Dear :)
    So happy you liked it!

  32. Vaisakhi,
    Thank you so much Vaisakhi :)
    Missing you these days..

  33. Someone is Special,
    Yes, it does..and is so hard to bear the pain!
    It's a part ..and so it come!

    Thank you:)

  34. Melissa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me..
    Glad you liked it Dear One! :)

  35. fantacy in practicality,
    Yes, I'm Sanchi :)
    Thank you so much!

  36. Hema,
    Not really :)
    I play with my imaginations ..

    Glad you can relate my words with sweet moments of your life..
    Thank you so much

  37. anumunaf,
    And so I'm happy to make you amaze..
    Thank you :)

  38. Cute! :)

    New Theme sheme... Nice!
    Keep scribbling! :)

  39. namaste Simran,

    What a wonderful touching poem ... i love to read this one. It's so touchy and sad at the end.
    Thank you for sharing.

  40. A lovely and touching poem. Kind of sad, too.

  41. such sadness! :(
    enjoy gooseberry day!

  42. Very touching poetry, I can relate to emotions in your lines.

  43. Nicely written...

  44. I have to ask myself a lot of times, where does the love go? Does it really become just a memory? Hmmm... sad...

  45. very nostalgic!
    will surely leave every reader reminded of one of the personal memory as i am left with.
    heart touching...great work


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