भविष्य : Future

by - Monday, December 12, 2011

ओ भविष्य  तेरे गर्भ में मनुष्य की नियत है 
O  the future man in your womb is assigned 
तुम्हारे अंधकूप में उसके पलों की विरासत है 
The legacy of his moments  is your ambiguity
हर्ष विषाद के अनिश्चित पल भी 
Uncertain moments of great sadness
सुख दुःख की सुबह और शाम भी 
Sorrows and happiness of morning and evening 
चढ़ते उतरते जीवन के  पड़ाव भी 
Also the climb and descending stages of life
और अचुड आशा का दीप भी 
And the lamp of hope still gleams
तुमसे अभिज्ञ उछाह से भरा जीवन सफ़र भी 
From you the festivity full of perspicacious life ...a journey
कब किस पल मन का क्या होगा उसकी अचेतना भी 
What will happen when the moment when his subconscious mind will assault with uncertain
हे अदृश्यमान अरुपित अविचल तुम मानव की स्वर्णिम अभिलाषा हो 
O invisible faltering desire you are man's gold 
अनंत सपनो की तुम प्रभूतमयी  तृषा हो
Infinite dreams you are
नव शेशव की तुम अभिनव दिशा हो 
Your are new direction of innovation of fantasy
कर्म गति की तुम ही परिणीता हो 
You are the trans-formative speed of work worthy

मेरी प्यारी दादी जी द्वारा - स्वर्ण कौर 
From my lovely granny- Swarn Kaur

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  1. Beautiful and deepest one ..:) Convey my pranama to Grannyji.

  2. "you are the trans-formative speed of work worthy".....loved the final end line the most.

    you have a wonderful granny little princess. she is a real treasure of life.

  3. impressive... its hard to pen down your emotions beautifully in two languages.. great work :)
    Weakest LINK

  4. Nice lines :) Beautifully penned. :) xx

  5. nicely explained sim sim:) say Hi-5 to Granny wow:)

  6. Superb!! Brilliant composition by her. It reflects her wisdom.


  7. A tribute to your grandmother! :) Nice one Simran! :)

  8. Beautiful and touching....... Loved reading it.

  9. Please extend my warmest regards and a big Sat Sri Akal to your GrandMa..

    A bautiful poem .. I hope future listens :)


  10. Superb....Marvelous....Awesome...fine work...every time your granny creates a magic of words....

    shabdo se ache se khelna janti hai wo...main unki lekhni ke aage natmastak hoon....unko mera bahut bahut pyar dena...main unki shagird banana chahti hoon....bas unse poochna kab aur kahan wo mujhe apne shabkosh ka gyan se bhara pitara virasat mein dene ko taiyar hai...

    main sab kaam chor kar aa jaungi....hehehehe....GOD BLESS Her......

    n thank you for sharing here....I love to read her more n more...keep sharing her thoughts often...

  11. NICE!So,Sim, you are carrying forward your granny's legacy of poetic thoughts!

  12. Lovely poem by your granny, Simran. My mother's name is Swaran :)

  13. Granny, once again I thank you for blessing this one.. and little one thanks for publishing it.. :-)

    Someone is Special

  14. Lovely petry Simran! What a coincidence, I too have penned one for Granny today! :)

  15. Hello.
    Your Granny is a wise & poetic lady. I love that photo of her. She has a beautiful smile.
    This is a very heartfelt poem.
    Thanks for sharing her words, Simran. Your a true dear! (smile).

    For ref:
    Firebrand Of The Heart

  16. You are her future Simran...
    And she thru this poem leave us a lovely legacy such as you.



  17. Good one...convey my sincere regards to your Grand Ma...:)

  18. Thanks for the translation, I'm sure it's more beautiful with its original language :) It's wonderful to see two generations here. Wishes and much love to your grandmother.


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