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Welcome to the Romantic Friday Writing Challenge, started and hosted by L'Aussie Denise and Francine Howarth, where participants share their own 300-400-word text on a given theme & current theme is Haunting!
and here it comes..........

Hey Shirley, I turned back with a broad grin on my face sensing the voice well known...It was Jemmy, my forever love. Seeing him I forget the heartache groaning within me. I hugged him tightly to feel secure within his arms. He sensed the pain reflecting through my eyes and asked ''Is everything OK, Shirley?''
No, I've called you here to tell you something that is disturbing me from so long. He stared me with confused glimpse and asked with worry...What's that? ''Honey, I'm getting anonymous letters from 2 weeks and all is about our love. That person don't want to see us together and so that someone is sending me warning letters to leave you forever otherwise you'll be killed'' I told him with tears filled eyes. And because of that I'm so depressed. Dreary thoughts haunts me every second and all of these made me sleepless...Even such thoughts are not leaving me in my dreams.

A shadow of demeanor thought confronting before,
Unable to bring lucidity anymore,
Carving dreams of our love...
But being unknown to destiny I can not explore,
The thunder of remorseless voice echoing in my heart,
That made uneasy for me to love you;
I'm helpless!
Shadow of demeanor thought confronting before,
Drowsy shakes of reluctance haunting me at each step,
Leaving me behind the door of numb courage,
In Illusion of dark void turmoil,
Slurring steeple,
I won't let you go my love!

And again a weird dream that haunts me at each night as I was left alone in this battle field to fight! I exclaimed with a sigh. I'm fed up with these negative vibe dreary dreams! I don't care of myself but now it's the matter of your life and I don't want to take any chance.
Holding me tightly in his arms and kissing my forehead, 
He said, ''Shirley, I love you more than anything in my life...You're the reason I'm living for! I promise you to love even after my life so, how could I leave you because of such warning letters. Nothing can stop me from loving you and no one can break the eternity loving bond soul mates.

''To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.''

With the same feeling I across that moment and now I was standing with a confidence as this time my most powerful weapon, my love was with me!

That's all guys .This week's theme is 'Haunting' ! Come and join us.
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  1. Nice beginning....waiting for next part :)

    Good poem according to the situation :)

  2. After reading what you write,Simran,I forget your age,the maturity level in your writing amazes me...Loved it.

  3. Hi Simran. Thanks for joining us and posting. This is a very haunting love you've shared with us. I love the poetry and the quote you've shared too.


  4. beautiful Simmy :) keep it up

  5. Valli,
    I'll try to continue it further :)
    Happy you liked it~
    Thank you :)

    I feel happy when anyone says that I writes more mature than my age :)..That's the biggest compliment for me !
    Thank you so much.. :)

  6. L'Aussie,
    Welcome to my blog :)
    Glad you liked my post..
    Thank you so much.

    Thank you so much dear :)

  7. I agree with Valli, this is Part 1 only :D Needs many more episodes! Go ahead and continue.. A loving post, with some nice poetry too!

  8. Beautiful my love jst beautiful!!
    U know at such young age u hv such insight...keep foucs...u gonna go long way!!

    My best f best wishes wid u! Love ur sincerity n purity!!


  9. so beautiful Sim.. and congrats for reaching the 100 Followers mark.. Keep writing..

    Someone is Special

  10. Hello Simran.
    A warm welcome to Romantic Friday Writers.

    You have some lovely touches with this, your first entry. Nice bit of romance too.

    Well done!

    This Unknown Spirit

  11. Leo,
    Ok,so the journey of Soul-mate begins.I'll try my best to continue it in different episodes as many as I could!
    Glad you liked it! :)
    Thank you so much~

    Awwww mani :D
    Thank you so much sweeto for appreciating me. I'm blessed! :)

  12. Someone is Special,
    Thank you so much dear :)
    I'm so happy and I must tell you are first in wishing me on the completion of 100 followers...!!
    So a broad grin for you :)

    Thank you so much for introducing me with RFW :)
    I tried at my best writing this post!
    Glad you liked it!
    Thank you so much ,Andy Dear :)

  13. Scary dreams that would cause anyone to fear. You make the reader care about your characters. I hope their love will endure.

  14. A nice piece and I like the poetry too. Welcome to RFW.

  15. How sweet to know that he'll stand by her.

  16. N.R. Williams,
    Welcome to my blog :)
    Sure, I will in upcoming parts!
    Thank you..

    Kiru Taye,
    Thank you so much ,Kiru :)

    Deniz Bevan,
    Yes indeed,Thank you..

  17. Very sweet story. My critique is not for the story, but the site. I think the sparkly things across the screen are beautiful, but they do make it difficult to read the words behind them. The sparklies are very distracting! :)

  18. What a +ve way to bring forth a word like haunting. Unlike others, I think u should stick to leaving it here. If making it in parts didn't come in your heart in the beginning... don't force it.

  19. Ruth Madison,
    Welcome to my blog :)
    Glad you liked the story ...
    Stars are the charm of my blog.. :)

    Thanks for the visit and comment..I appreciate that!
    Hope to see you again :)

  20. jojofeelings ,
    Welcome to my blog :)
    Wow! Actually I was thinking the same but my dear friends requested me to extend the story so I will try my best to make it the best one :)

    Thank you so much dear ..Hope to see you again and again ;)


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