by - Sunday, October 02, 2011

Glittering shingles,
I walked on,
Leaving my footprints as residue of my presence,
Soothing waves brushing my hairs,
I can feel the  pleasure,
The treasure of moments I lived ,
Sitting at shore,
Closing eyes,
Melody enchanting in my heart,
I attained peace,
But that Silent Sunset is asking me ,
''Are You Setting Down As Me?''
Have you done with the reason of your life?
I opened my eyes,
Searching  the meaning of my presence and I couldn't find the one!
As each moment was passing ..It was getting darker and darker,
And all the footprints ,
The meaning ruined in shrieking splashes of water waves,
I realized that the whole life I lived in dilemma of satisfaction 
In Assembling my desire I forgot the target of my life,
I'm all alone left in this deep ocean of emptiness and delusion 
And I've no answer to reply the Almighty!

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  1. I am in a daze,extremely well written..u are too good.I love it Simran.

  2. Wonderful and following you now.

  3. @Alpana,
    As I try to make you every time ;)
    Thank you so much..

  4. @JANU,
    Welcome to my blog:)
    I'm so happy you liked my post ..
    Thank you for following :)
    Will come on yours soon :)

  5. Its beautoiful simran ...

    loved reading it ...


  6. wow.. amazing Super simmi..
    loved ending the most- wat I call an ultimate realization..
    sweet-sweet one.. just like u..
    :) :) <3 <3

  7. Like this post Tagged ArtLover Group made it a feature in Random Pick 005
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  8. Sim such a deep insight in young age is exemplary!

    Good goin gal....jhakkas!

  9.,don't get so worked up by the sunset!It holds the promise of a rosey dawn.

  10. @Bikramjit,
    Thank you dear for appreciating me each time ..
    Happy you liked it :)

    Would love to see here again and again;)

  11. @Monu,
    Thank you so much dearo :)
    Self realization is the biggest thing!
    Keep Coming :)

  12. @Fher Ymas,
    I'm glad that you liked my post and featured it on your sweet blog :)

    Thank you so much..I'm honored !
    Hope to listen from you again ..

  13. @Mani,
    Thank you so much for praising me :)

  14. Good work Simy!!
    I really loved this poem :)
    I can relate to it a lot

  15. Hello.
    My first time visiting from Blogger by Passion group.

    Very thought-provoking & well expressed. I especially liked the imagery of the opening lines & the ending.

    Nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Unchain My Heart

  16. beautiful expression!
    some times we have no query
    some times we have no answer...
    really nice to read !
    keep writing & smiling always!
    & ur blog is glittering as u are :)

  17. @Portia,
    Thanks for such enlightening words :)

  18. @Valli,
    I'm happy that my words can relate you somewhere as it relates to me as well!
    Thank you

  19. @Andy,
    Welcome to my blog,
    Happy that you liked the post :)
    Hope to see you again ..

  20. @Sowmya,
    Hey, thank you so much for such a sweet comment! :)
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  21. beautiful simmy...keep writing..make ur poem book yaar

  22. Adorable.
    Following u,
    U can so @

  23. Nice 1. Please write for our Literary Ezine IndiLink:

  24. @Sneha,
    Planning for the same :)

  25. @Mahi,
    Thank you for following :)
    Will come to you soon!

  26. @Indilink,
    Wow! that's a great pleasure :)
    thank you

  27. Satisfaction is far from being a dilemma. Your reason is to rejoice. Keep writing. In doing so, you leave "your mark."
    Kay Salady, Author
    Arizona, USA

  28. lovely background music,
    Happy Rally.

  29. Kay,
    Welcome to my blog..
    Agree with you dear. Glad you liked my work...Hope to have again

  30. The Orange Tree,
    Hey, Thanks :)
    Happy Rally ..


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