मुष्ट काय (नाईका )

by - Thursday, October 06, 2011

तेरे प्यार के इतने फूल खिले ,
बदन पे सारे जड़ने लगे ,
मै कैसे संभालू तन को पिया ..
मेरे कड़े हैं सारे कसने लगे ,
तुने चाहा है मुझे इतना रसिया वजन ये कहानी कहने लगे ,
मै  कैसे चुराओ आँख सनम सारे लोग हैं मुझ पे हँसने लगे ,
तेरा मुखड़ा देख मै इतनी खिली मेरे अंग अंग सारे भरने लगे ,
मध् प्याले मैंने इतने पिए मेरी चाल ये सबसे कहने लगी ,
बतियाँ न करो इतनी हमसे कि बैठ के उठने मे देर लगे ,
अब कैसे बड़ेगी गाड़ी सनम ?
दोनों पहिये तो गड़बड़ करने लगे  

मेरी दादी जी द्वारा - स्वर्ण कौर  

English Translation

Blossoms of your love is blowing,
They all are getting stocked up on me so firmly,
How could I handle my self ..Oh my love!
My all dresses are about to tight!
The amount of love you gave me is all reflecting through my gaining weight,
I'm blushing ..where to hide my face,
Everyone is laughing upon me!
To have you around I can't tell the happiness and excitement   that leads me to you,
I drank so much of Scotch that steps are expressing all through..
Do not talk with me so much that it becomes hard to leave you ,
How could I move forward my love?
My steps are diverging to you!

By my Grandmother- Swarn Kaur

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13 Token to this Friendship

  1. oh,what is this about?
    I don't follow your language,Sim, but follow your blog!

  2. @Portia,
    Dear On my blog there is a translation bar on the toolbar situated below!
    You can translate it..
    And thanks for the love :)

  3. good you translated in english else i would not have understoon
    my hindi is not so great :)


  4. Well well well.. I just love this post.. Granny is rocking..

    Someone is Special

  5. hahaaa...that was really nice...wheels have to be similar for better ride...:))

  6. Hahahaha....very funny....but its true...iss hasi mein bhi dil ka dard bahut ache se express kiya hai....

    अब कैसे बड़ेगी गाड़ी सनम ?
    दोनों पहिये तो गड़बड़ करने लगे

    no one like to gain weight.....but its true women gets it with age....

    log kehte hai jyda pyar wajan bada deta hai....par pyaar jyada mile to kon wajan ki parwah kare...hehehehehe

    तुने चाहा है मुझे इतना रसिया वजन ये कहानी कहने लगे ,
    मै कैसे चुराओ आँख सनम सारे लोग हैं मुझ पे हँसने लगे ,

    your grandmother is legend....loved it..enjoyed it....

    I wish she gets more love.....loved by all others too

    give my love to her too...

  7. @Bikramjit,
    Happy that my efforts worked :)
    Thank you..

  8. @Someone Is Special,
    Thank you so much :)

  9. @Irfan,
    Yes :D
    Thank you..happy that my granny's post made you laugh!

  10. @Hema di,
    I'm so so so happyyyyyy :)
    Thank you somch for praising my granny..
    It's all because of you people..
    The encouragement and love from you all is great!

  11. My Granny's blessings are with you all my dear friends..She is so happy to see all of yours love :)


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!