Mohini's First Blogoversary :)

by - Monday, July 04, 2011

Today on 4th July it's a blog anniversary of one of my dear friend Mohini and it's a special day for me too as I'm supporting her blog with all my devotion. Today she completed a year of her blogging journey Gurukripa .
In this journey of blogging she flourished her views everywhere on Indian Culture, Politics And Philosophy through her poetry and articles.On her blog you can feel the peace filled with lot's of God's devotion , you can have a view of clear path moreover, her writing always come up with positive thoughts and wonderful solutions.

The aim of her writing blogs is to spread the glory of Indian Culture and Philosophy of Advaita and Universal Brotherhood by Mahayogya and so she started her journey of blogging on a special day on the birthday of  SHRI NARAYANKAKA DHEKANE MAHARAJ  On  which her blog is named i.e. She is a great devotee of Lord Krishna so she started her first blog post with the sweet rhyme of him.
Now I would like to share the bonding between me and Mohini. She is a wonderful personality, always  there to help everyone and to encourage. We never met but still talking to her I feel like I have been knowing her from so many years.She is so true to her friends and so to me :).She wrote a wonderful poem for me on my birthday and that was so sweet and an unexpected surprise indeed! .She made my day more sweet and special and even she was on top in wishing me when she called up me 12:00 am was another surprise.Hoping to meet her some day..

Special Wishes from GeetaI met her first in some forum of Indiblogger, She writes from the heart, mostly sensitive topics such as domestic violence , poverty , illiteracy , gender issues etc. She is truly an inspiration and gem of a human being. I wish her luck and best wishes for her writing. Keep writing and inspiring people :) Love Geeta Singh

Dedicating my few lines to my dear friend ,Mohini and her lovely blog :)..

A transmogrified write that brighten up many lives,
A lurid write that enlightened up many thoughts,
A willful write that cherished to many souls,
A justified write that gave a justice to many matters and to many lifestyles..
A write that forced us to look behind to many laggard matters hide,
A write that makes one cry and smile,
A write that makes easier to live a life,
A write that says everything laconically ..
A write with so devotion,
A write with so calibration,
A write from such a sparkling heart upon a bunch of glowing pages ...
Pages that scattered happiness everywhere
Those wonderful pages on a wonderful blog is passing a year and so we are in joy and cheering here :)
Happy Blogging ,Mohini. Keep spreading your awaking message to everyone . We all are with you to support ! 

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24 Token to this Friendship

  1. A nice dedication! Happy blogging!

  2. ! wow what a dedication ! what a friendship ! So sweet of you three (Simran, Geets and Mohini).. Keep rocking...

    Someone is Special

  3. Hey Friends!

    You are not friends, you are my sisters.

    You know, I didn't have sister. And I always used to say, thank God I don't have sisters.

    To make me know and feel, the real LOVE of a REAL SIS, God has sent you and GEETA.

    But now I am thankful to God. I was missing this color of life and love.

    I think my blog is world's first blog who's birthday is celebrated with such a joy and you have loved this much.

    I really didn't know, my little efforts you love so much.

    When I write, it's God's grace that words flow from the heart....but today The God is in tears and can't write anything. This is what is love. You have expressed it so beautifully.........! no words, no words.......!

    I love you my sweet sisters. and I am extremely sorry, my net was disconnected and due to my medicines I slept for hours. So I am so late here.

    I wanna write so many things, but my heart is stopped........!

  4. And hey, I wished to put image of light of blog for birthday and gifts as falling objects but I couldn't do that........but you have completed it.........:)

  5. Geeta I always remember the first day we met.....that was really fantastic.

    And simmo I remember the first day I saw your blog and your comment on my blog.

  6. wow...well done Simran....who say there is no emotion in "virtual friendship", let them come here n see the emotions n bonding...:))

    and yes she(Mohini) pour her heart into her writings...i like the way she is doing her job of spreading Culture n Philosophy of India....

    God bless you all....!!!

  7. Hey shared your love on indiforum too.

    but I can't see first photo........:(((((((((((( here.

  8. Irfanji thank you so much .and my blog is missing you......:(

  9. This is wonderful and truly remarkable. Loved the dedication lines. Also, congratulations to mohiniji on first blogoversary !

  10. good to have friends like you, she is blessed.

    Weakest Link :)

  11. Mohinee,Congratulations on your one year anniversary. I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary back on June 1 for my blog Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker which is where I write about my journey of healing from incest. I have been to India 3 times since 1998. The people of India stole my heart. India is a land of such contrasts.

  12. Hi I am Mohini's brother.Very very beautiful post Geetaji & Simranji.Every thing is beautiful.I like that lamp very much.The way of celebration. I am in tears, the tears of happiness;as I saw your love for Mohini.Thank you very very much.I don't know what to write more.
    I am unable to express my sentiments in words.

  13. Congrats Mohini on your wonderful achievement.

  14. Mohinee that 1st pic is Cake..don't know y its nt visible...mohinee i always treated you like my lil sis and simran is so sweet heart have done it so nicely ...:) wow wonderful! wish u happy blog anniversary Once again Mohinee^_^ cutie pie

  15. the best dedication that can ever happen, simran you are really different, mohini and geeta i am glad that i have sisters like you. yes i agree with irfanji, virtual world can make a real world friendship, the most powerful friendship that rocks the world.

  16. A befitting tribute to a blogger friend.

  17. lovely gift ad congrats to your friend and happy birthday to her blog :)


  18. This is a wonderful tribute to a friend... You are very sweet and thoughtful little one. I'm sure Mohi's very delighted to see this surprise ;)

  19. Wow! You're sooo sweet. =)
    I love the lines. =)
    Two thumbs up for that ! Way to go Simran !!
    Hug tight!
    Love and Kisses,

  20. What a wonderful dedication..pure like you Simran..

  21. Thank you so much all the friends. And ya! Geeta, Simran, Sancheeta, Alpana. It is natural bond between us always.

    Geeta we can never forget how we met on inditalk! remember new victim? me!!! :D. Geeta I always feel that love, even we talk something which is not serious still.

    @Patricia - that's so nice you loved our India. I am very happy. Indians have such a love! But I found the same from people around the world too.

    Melissa - I am so happy with the gift can't tell you. our little one and my big one i mean geeta, they are so loving and caring.

    Relations are made by LOVE only and nothing else. :)

  22. Thank you so much everyone for such praising words :)


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