by - Friday, July 08, 2011

Few days back during a sweet conversation between me and Valli  we thought of writing combine poetry :). I asked her and it was an honor for me to have her acceptance.This time we have tried something very different from others.This post is delineated by me and Valli  together.Hoping you all will like our interpretation.

Sacred salve from sanctify,
Insomnia ingression,
Maverick thoughts in manana,
Rinse my sin,
Amplify my amour against anesthetize
Nirvana is nimble not nihilism.
Vultures like circling thoughts, 
Always haunt me day and night,
let me Sleep, Oh thoughts!!
Leave me alone, Let my mind rest,
In peace and in Solace...

P.S. - In each line first alphabet is making my name's spelling in my lines and Valli's name spelling in her lines :)..we managed it somehow and that's how we differentiated from others .

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22 Token to this Friendship

  1. I'm finally here :D

    Now that was seriously something different simi and I loved it really!
    And yes Valli too :)

    Nice one !!!

    Take Care.

  2. You rock Simran!
    and thanks dear for your support :)

  3. that's a collective soothing post :)

    Weakest Link

  4. That's nice.
    So sweet both of you:)

  5. Brilliant and beautiful!! What a marvelous idea and the poems are lovely as well. I'd love to provide some digital artwork for you and some of the others who write - would you be interested? You can contact me at :D

  6. Aww.. Sim. Wonderful Acrostics..

    Someone is Special

  7. let me burn
    let me purify.

    a poem very deep and needs a second read.

  8. loved the combo :D nice 1 sim sim

  9. There is a certain quality about you,which differentiates u from the rest..u are very special Simran,keep on writing..its a pleasure to be here.

  10. Extremely Beautiful like you girls.......:) :) Really loved it. :) Such a deep meaning.

  11. "I love your recent post, a bit too much! :D"

    "will be back again to read your latest post :)"

  12. That was a very unique style of poetry Simran. Loved it. For someone so young your writing is very mature. Keep it up.

  13. Combined poetry worked well between you two geniuses :) Acronyms are quite difficult to write but you both did well...

    I just posted my query to you little one ;)...I like your choice of words... and Valli, I hope to read more of your poems ;).


  14. interesting acrostics....sweet thought...super intrstin n diffrnt writes...loved them...:)

  15. that is brilliant :)

  16. This is really an intelligent piece of work by both of you....loved it :)

  17. that was so sweet simi n vali.liked it so much.god bless u both

  18. Fatima, Rachit, Neeha, Mari Sterling Wilbur, Someone is Special, fantacy in practicality, Geets, lpana Jaiswal ,Mohinee , Shona, Rimly, Melissa, vaisakhi, anummunaf, irfanuddin, some unspoken words...

    Thank you so so so much for the read...:)

    Glad that you all liked our post :) ^_^

  19. dont know what to say .. WOW is the word and I guess you are good friends so combining two comes easy ..

    keep it up and well done loved it


  20. @Fatima
    Welcome back, Fatima :)
    Thank you so much <3

    Thank you so much..Without you it was impossible!

    Thank you :)

    Thank you, Neeha =)

  21. truly brilliant..
    keep writing.....all the best

  22. @संजय भास्कर,
    Thanks dear :)..
    Wishing you luck too


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