Last Breathe

by - Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sitting before window,
Staring on a meadow on which they laid ,they played..
Mesmerizing memories,
She closed her eyes and it was like those moments once again alive,
Moments when he was so close to her,
She miss his touch that warmed her,
His eyes that said it all in silence,
His warm breathe that soothed  to her soul,
Their mingled fingers and that shining ring,
 The mark of their love!
She laid on his chest  and could hear his heartbeats,
His hand on her shoulder  assured her of his care…
But her enigmatic heart asked : Jien, Do you Love me?
He replied in a soft voice and brushing her hairs back..I Love you so much, Shirley!
She was now sure for his love..
And asked of her heart’s most awaiting question ..
Will you be mine forever?  Will you marry?
He replied: Come on Shirley, Can’t we love each other as friends?
I don’t want to live my life in a cage of your boundations! Got me?
She was in tears,
Her heart was break , her dreams were all drained !
And suddenly she opened her eyes and found her self in tears..
She was feeling so helpless and regret of loosing her love ..
Her life was in dark !
She walked to stairs on her terrace and did as she promised to him..
‘’I can’t live without you, you are my everything and when I loosed you..nothing more is left in my dark life!’’
 ‘’Bye Jien, I’m leaving  you..Hope to meet you in other life and may you understand my love for  you and accept me as the way I wished! I’m sure you gonna miss me so much  .She stood upon the building’s  roof  taking long breath she closed her eyes.. And said,’’My last breathe wished to lasts within you but you left me alone!!’’ ! Bye.’’And jumped from a high building and committed a suicide !!

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19 Token to this Friendship

  1. Very sad Simran. Where is all the pain coming from my friend?

  2. Sad one Simran.. Love, but for him, 'friends' and the end.. When tears is a ready-made solution to all kind of problems I dunno why people choose, 'suicide'.. Sadly.....

    Someone is Special

  3. hhmmmmm....So fateful end..:(

    cheer up young Lady...:))

  4. hey Rimly thats what i want to ask...from where such a pain coming in her life or thoughts....

    such a small age she is writing like a if she already see the life....the whole life experiences....

    OMG...Simran...well written post...

  5. Sad but honest reflections on love and the pain that acconpanies it. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. icky :) so deep and intense .

  7. oh godd whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..

    sad poem..

    i dont know what to say but suicide is wrong.. i beleive the other way why kill urself when u can go and kill the one twho hurt you ..


  8. why the suicidl tendency....n the stingin pain....y the worthless despair...nice story...but y so sad...
    p.s.-sim cheer up if u r sad cause of nethin...just think its not worth ur tears...:)

  9. She did not have to die for someone who did not care enough for her emotions.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. never let anyone love you less than you love yourself

    beautiful intense write and very sad indeed!

    wonderful comments, well deserved.

    take care my friend!

  11. I was disturbed that my little one wrote such harsh realities in life. As much as I try to ignore the fact that it could be so true esp. for lovers.

    At such a young age my little one, your eyes have been opened to many emotions that I wish you've encountered later in life...but I know God has a purpose...

    I always see what lies beyond your thinking...

  12. Simran,

    That was devastating. my heart broke with your words... Powerfully written.
    Welcome to BlogNostics...

  13. That is why I always does a girl so young think such powerful and moving thoughts..u have in tears with this one, u always

  14. Amazing Simran....
    such a painful story and so beautifully written....u can make us feel the real pain with ur words....
    hats off!!

  15. Awww. =(
    I have just remembered my first love. yay. =(

  16. the pain is that she loved ( in the sense of two lovers) unconditionally and nothing else mattered but he was not at the same place. some would argue that you sholdnt ever lose yourself in this way but i agree with you simran this is the way it is. the suicide is a metaphore. This is a wonderful story! <3

  17. Sad climax....:(
    I wish she could have thought him a lesson for hurting her so badly!

    But yeah, It's just the state of mind.....Just within seconds she took a hasty decision and ended her precious life :(

    Nice story!


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