Father's Day

by - Sunday, June 19, 2011

Walking along him,
Holding his hand;I grew,
He loves me a lot that truth I knew,
He keeps on asking ''Who's cute princess you are?'' ''who loves you the most?''
With a gurgle and in unclear pronunciation I say da -dayy !
Day by day he loved me more,
And he made his place within my heart's core..
He loves me more than anything else that he ensured,
He never even allowed a tear to trickle down from my eyes,
And teaches me many lessons to be a good heart and wise;
And asks with an eager expression...
''Who's cute princess you are?'' ''who loves you the most?''
And I say with proud and with a broad smile, Dady!
He reads my heart, 
he reads my mind..
If something goes wrong he gives me advice,
My cute princess, You are brave don't loose hope,
I love you the most and I say with a smile..
Me too love you a lot Dady.. :)

Wishing you ''HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DADY''  you are my world , I love you Dady:)

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  1. Lovely Father's Day Poem.. Aww..

    Someone is Special

  2. aww.. :(

    U touched my heart dear..

  3. Very nice simran, a beautiful Poem.. Loved it ...

    Happy fathers day ..


  4. Happy Father's Day to your DAD!!! =)

  5. lovely, beautiful.. love d deep emotions :)

  6. Just a cute poem :) Just like your blog :)

    Glad I stumbled upon it :)
    Will surely come back!

  7. LOvely....

    after reading all these lovely posts on Father's day....i m missing my DAD a lot now....when it comes to emotion n care its the MOM who takes the cake buttttt being a fther i can say now that even Dads are no less than Mom....

  8. Your words always emanate the positive things in life. I love it little one...

    Your father must be very proud of having a precious little daughter like you. I pray that your innocence be preserved little one...

    I believe in the love you both have for each other ... you are indeed a princess :)

  9. lovely poem....u father must have been very happy on readin this...:)

  10. Outstanding.....lovely poem on father's day....

    loved each and every word of it....

  11. No wonder there has to be a reason when we say it aloud "MY DADDY STRONGEST" :D

    Nice one.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  12. Lovely! Happy fathers day dear! :)

  13. @SIS :
    Thank you so much :)..Awww ;)

    I touched your heart many times..I guess ;).

    Thank you so much..wishing you the same! :)

  14. @FAYE:
    How sweet..! thank you :)

    Thank you :)

    And your cute comment :)
    Thank you so much..hope to hear from you again :)..

  15. @Irfan:
    That's true :)...thank you

    @Dear one:
    Thanks for your sweet wishes :)..
    He feels it..

    Exactly :)..Thank you

  16. @Hemu di:
    Thank you chooo much :)

    @Blasphemous Aesthete:
    Hahah..right! :)
    Thank you

    Thank you..Wishing you the same :)

  17. If u can express so beautfully at this stage i am sure u wud be a great poet n writer soon....
    wat better way to express ur love to ur father than this...n really they deserve every appreciation...after all they sacrifice sooo much for us..
    We r soo lucky to hv them...


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