My Mother Sacrificed for Me

by - Saturday, May 07, 2011

At my first step to this life,
When I opened first time my tiny eyes,
I saw my mother's awaiting eyes for just my single sight,
A heart filled with Lot's of love..
Those tears of happiness poured with sacrifice,
Her blissful glance assured me of her diligence,
And I returned her my ingenious smile,
Her protective hand made me stand and made me realize that I'm her world and she is my life..
I sauntered all around holding her hand,
She assembled every happiness every amenity around me,
She\was clambering all over the awry;
Embracing me with an amicable bond,
She\was alone from inside..
Except me there was no one to stood her beside,
But then also, She  everytime stood up with an aura smile for ensuring that everything is alright,
She knew that I was flying over my dreams,
And a sudden diversion would bulldoze over all my dreams..
Just for my one smile she bridled all her desire,
While serving me delicious food and seeing my smile she forget her tiredness and sadness inside,
She worked hard day and night;
So that I could sleep tight!
Her whole life she sacrificed,
At each step of my life she typified herself as my best friend,
Her whole life she lived for me and for my dreams,
She never made fell insecure or incompleteness,
Holding her hands I never felt a need of other's love and care,
That strengthen my confidence with fervour,
Everytime she tried to hide her tears,
She never purchased those expensive dresses and jeweleries..
So that I could live the luxury!
Keeping herself aloof form those happiness still she was enjoying with a joy..
Because my happiness was her rejoice,
She fought with this cruel world alone for me!
My Mother sacrificed for me.

Thank you so much Mumma...I love you!

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  1. the poem touched the bottom of my heart... :)

  2. after reading ur poem ... I get so emotional:) ma tujhai salam

  3. Very touchy post simran....and its a good come back by you in fact...:)

    i know you will be busy now going thorough all the stuff of ur Blogger frnds which you missed during those days of break.....:)

    Bert wishes,

  4. very touchin...:)
    p.s.-where had u been 4 so many days?

  5. Ain't a Mother a living Goddess? Or even more.

    Nice post Simran :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. so touching!
    thank you for sharing this beautifully written tribute to your mom. I'm sure you will be just like her.

  7. very beautiful little one... your mom must be very happy reading this poem dedicated to her... i rejoice with the thought that you appreciate how much she has sacrificed for you... you are a blessing to your mom as she is to you... loved it ;)

  8. Touchy... So beautiful and heartfelt! Excellent composition, Simran and glad to have you back:-)

  9. Touching, inspiring, full of sweet love:) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

  10. wow!!!
    I'm her world and she is my life..
    loved this line..

    missed you so much...I hope you will update all the blog's posts u missed in those days...

    by the way i had posted some poems and already started posting story Masakkali..check it out...

  11. lovely poem simran... Loved it
    mothers are great the best ...


  12. Ahh!!...Loved this heart felt...:(
    Mom's are really gr8.....And nothing can replace their love and sacrifice....Without them...we are nothing..:(

    Happy Blogging Simran :)

  13. @Arjun,


    Thank you! :)

    P.C.problem and was busy in tests!

  14. @Anshul,
    She is!
    Thank you :)

    Thank you so much..
    take care!

    Thank you so much dear one! :)
    happy that you loved it!

  15. @Arti,
    Me too so happy to have you back!:)
    Thank you!

    Welcome to my blog!
    Thank you :)

    Thanks :)

  16. @Mari,
    Thanks :)

    @Hema di,
    Thank you so much di..
    I'll surely read all of them~


  17. @Bikram,
    Thanks :)

    Exactly :)

    Thanks :)

  18. Beautiful poem simran. Great job, well done :)

  19. Great work! Keep going Simran..


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