by - Thursday, May 26, 2011

I was tagged by Ph_ , Thank you so much for tagging me :D.. Today It's all about me :)
Food : I love it!

Color - Purple and all shades of blue..

Animals - I don't have pets but I like rabbit :)

Sports - One and only my most fav. cricket

Dessert - Brownies , chocolate pudding , pineapple cake 

Artist/Singer/Band - R.D. Burman, Pritam , Rahat Fateh Ali, Gulzaar
Pair of shoes -  No heels ,Mostly it's slipper .Most comfortable one !

Ouch.. Curse you google! :p

Outfit - jeans top , kurti , T- shirts 

Skinny jeans - I love it! 

Perfume Occasionally 

Accessory - I live in a very simple way ...So no makeup or...

City - City?? I'm ready for the world tour :p

Hobby - writing poems, blogging, listening music ,etc..

Beauty product - just a kajal , earings and a lipgloss

Snack- Offer me any snack ..I'm ready to eat :D
Holiday - Summer vacations :D 
Movie - I watch movies for time pass or entertainment only. No categories. 
Song - Any song with nice lyrics and music 
Guilty Pleasures - Hanging out with friends, shopping, novels, talking a lot but with a sense!

Well I tag,   AlcinaAlways Happy ,Valli :)

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12 Token to this Friendship

  1. hhmmmmm...you know Kajal always attracts me....:)

  2. Cute.........lovelyyyyyyyy sweeeeeeeeeett..........!

  3. @fantacy in practicality
    Hi Sanchi :)
    That's how I live :)

  4. @Irfan
    Wow, Girl without a kajal looks something is missing in her :)

  5. @Mohu..
    Lot's of loveeeeeee :)

  6. So we have a lot in common :D
    Oh! *Curses google with you*
    :) Glad to know about you Girl <3 And well, it is a pleasure of mine, mention not :)

  7. Yup ..we have so much similarities:)
    So sweet of you! ..
    take care <3

  8. I'll take up this tag soon darling :)

    Nice inside to your life :)

  9. @Snehu,
    It is! :)..
    Thank you ..

  10. Wow, I love your beautiful blog!! I love the stars. Your poetry is full of your heart that you share with us, and it is precious and priceless. Very impressive. You are adorable and This blog is so relaxing and fun to read and escape into. One of my favorites seen yet. You are a very talented writer! ~Lynne

  11. Hi Lynne,
    Welcome To My Blog:
    These falling stars are for everyone to welcome and to make feel the brightness and shine in life.. :)
    Thank you so much for such sweet compliments and following me.I'm so happy that you liked my blog and my poetry.Lot's of love and Care :)..Loved yours blog too..


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