by - Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why I didn't see love in those staring eyes,

Those staring eyes were saying something to me from deep but I left it unread,
Why I didn't feel his emotions that was only for me filled with sacrifice just for my one smile,
Being familiar that he is in pain that was elongating like a huge chain,
Why did I never tried to ask him once ''Is everything is alright?''

Why I ignored the person,
Who was ready to ignore the entire world for me?
Oh! I am feeling so helpless,
Why I did so?
Being known to everything,
Why I behaved so unknown?

Why my heart didn't say anything to me or I left my heart unsaid?
I lost everything,
I feel my life without him is nothing,
How close he was to me,
But I made those distances,

I have regretted...
Why I treated him with a hopeless belief?
Why I didn't trust on his love, promises he made to me...
My eyes are waiting to see him for once,
My ear are waiting to listen those three beautiful words for once,
I have regret, 
Why I treated him with a hopeless belief..?

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  1. Simran :) There is only one word to explain this... awesome!

  2. Amazing poem.. :)
    I must say the poem was not at all sagacious .. bt i was entertaing me a lot.. :D

    Thanks a lot for sharing.. :)

  3. great topic. I wish I had an answer.
    why are we so attracted to those who dont love us back but luke warm to those who say they will do anything? hmm.. I dont think its really about looks, maybe just being immature. I know I might do things over differently regarding a few people from my past thst i never had a burning passion for but they told me they loved, this is a really good one simran :)

  4. hmm. agree.. fab!

  5. it does happen.... and when we realise the fact then its too late some times.
    vey well written Simran.

  6. simran this was one of ur best writes trust me...beautifully exprssd...amazin flow..only one small probo i had which i ll let u know seprtly...but loved readin it..:)

  7. touching.

    one hour before, My class mate told abt her love to one of her frnd. But she didnt express it with him. I will share this with her

  8. touching.

    one hour before, My class mate told abt her love to one of her frnd. But she didnt express it with him. I will share this with her

  9. whoa that's deep. nice. I've been there. You describe the feeling so well. very nice.

  10. hmmmm little one... when i was younger, i was less assertive and would often let good opportunities pass by... but as i grow older, as i reflect on my life, i think of the doors i've closed and thanked God because there were other doors left for me to open... there were regrets, yes... but there are more things to look forward to... ;) still learning simran :)

  11. The blog template, the picture, the font and even the font color... everything adds up to the beauty of the post.

  12. Solid, effective work. Good piece!

  13. amazing poem lovely wordingzz :)

  14. I could feel the regret and remorse to the core of my heart..
    It moved me, truly.. :)

  15. Hey, Hi
    you have beautifully woven the verses...there were a few lines which were truly touching...overall its an excellent post...
    regrets...if only it aint that late, those words could still be said...

    The Silhouette...

  16. well penned and ful of deep thoughts...

  17. this is life we generally repent once we have lost something ..

    but life has to go on and we should make sure we dont do the same mistake again. or if we feel so much about it then maybe Take a step back and TRY AGAIN.. who knows..


  18. Do listen to your heart and believe me you won't regret.Loved this heartfelt expression.


  19. beautifully penned.loved it so much.

  20. Arjun,
    Glad that you enjoyed reading it!:)
    Keep Visiting!

  21. ♥Love your blog♥

  22. Loved this! And I love your photo at the top of the page - it is delightful!

  23. Awwiee baby :) ..Very beautiful :)

  24. Regret! The word am scared of too sometimes!

    Beautiful words from you Simran, just don't let the regret get on and control your mind and heart!

  25. Feelings of regret expressed perfectly...Nice one!!

  26. Beautiful ... your poem
    Beautiful & intresting .... your blog....

    You express very well.....


  27. impressive write up :)

  28. The lines you wrote shows how deeply you happens Simmy..there's always something more to look forward to...ok now smile :D

    My new Blog When The Heart Speaks

  29. Thanks to everyone for stopping by my space and leaving such beautiful comments!
    Keep giving me this love! :)


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