ये विश्व कप हमारा है

by - Friday, April 01, 2011

ये रन भूमि है ,
रनों का अम्बार लगा देंगे ,
यहाँ जंग है साख बचाने की ,
इस भूमि पर जी - जान लगा देंगे ,
हमे कमजोर आंकने वालों को हार चखा  देंगे ,
मेहमानों की कमजोरियों को हथियार बना लेंगे ,
जोश -ओ - खरोश के साथ आगाज़ किया है ,
यूही हार नहीं मानेगे  ,
देखते हैं कैसे जीतते हैं आखरी जंग ,
हम इन्हें हार का स्वाद चखा देंगे ,
हारी हुई बाज़ी जीत कर दिखा देंगे ,
जीत की होड़ मै तो कई हैं ,
पर हम सर्वश्रेष्ठ बन कर दिखा देंगे ,
सभी योद्धा अपना दम - ख़म दिखाने आये हैं ,
हम सबसे अटल योद्धा बन अपना दम दिखा देंगे ,
विश्व कप के विजेता बन कर हम सबको चौका देंगे ,
एक बार फिर श्री राम , रावण को हरा देंगे 

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  1. Without doubt, the cup is ours!!

  2. fingers crossed simran, and with all the luck and wishes I hope so too..

    lovely poem , liked it :)


  3. Hey Sims! What a powerful and encouraging words. I think your poem should be played before the match on the ground! Isn't it? There should be song of it! Less time to compose before finals. Great Patriotism!

  4. awesome poem!! and it declares that India will win this cup :P well done:)

  5. Is baat mein kisi ko koi bhi shanka nahin honi chahiye !!! Vande Mataram !!

    + VJ

  6. Lovely poem.. so full of optimism makes one brim with pride.. Surely India is going to win it this time:)

  7. bahut hi hi badiya. is veer ras k shot ka to koi jabab nahi.lajabab simran. match hum hi jeetenge or ravan ko fir se hara dege

  8. @Vyankatesh
    Yeah! :D

    @ Bikramjit
    Same here,
    Thanks :D

  9. @Mohinee
    Hi Mohu, :)
    Wow!! thanks for appreciating it!
    I have a great madness for cricket! :)
    Take care!

    @Geeta Singh
    Hoping your words become true! :)
    Thank You :D

  10. dont worry...India will win... nice post btw!

  11. @VJ Sharma
    Yup :D

    Same here :)

  12. @Arti
    Hoping the same :)
    Thank You..

    @Some unspoken words
    Wishing the same!
    Thanks :)

  13. wow simran...kya baat hai.....waise do dino se main bhi ek poem likhne ko soch rahi thi issi topic pe...but kuch likh nahi paa rahi thi....tumne mera kaam kar diya...good job sweetie....

    abhi score to 122/3 hua hai india ka..but meri fingers abhi tak cross hai...good luck to Our Nation-India...I hope India make it..

  14. beautiful poem
    just hope to read such poems against corruption.

  15. It was a lovely poem dear and it did come true after so many years !

    Take care :)

  16. and yes we did it.. we are the champions of world cricket.. SmileS.. PS: thanks for your constant encouragement with your wonderful comments on my blog posts.. I am very happy.. SmileS.. and here is a a dream a journey of... the histroy, the God, the cricket itself...

    Someone is Special

  17. Yupieeeeeeeeeeeeee, We won the World Cup! :)
    I am so happy that even I can't express my excitement!
    Love you team India :) :)
    Thanks Blue brigade and everyone! :)

  18. Nice poem. I like it. I am reading it late though. But Congratulations on India's victory

  19. @Sneha
    Bohot mazaa aaya :) :)

    @Always Happy
    Congtrats! to you too :)
    Thank You!


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