by - Saturday, March 26, 2011

Without water this world seems exterminate,
No chirpy rain that makes heart feel cherish,
No pearl gleam of dew that drench the petals of flower,
No fragrance of wet soil that pleases to our soul and makes us feel the inner- peace.
Without water this world seems to be charmless..
No greenery that makes us feel imaginative and fresh,
No oceans that makes us feel the deepness,
No rivers that makes us feel the purity,
Without water this world seems to be non- existing..
No land that makes our lives stable,
No meadow on which we love to lay down,
No shower of rain that makes sensation of sensuous more joyful,
No rainbow that makes us feel colourful,
No cold winds that blows and makes us feel something special,
Without water this world seems pathetic,
No snow,no buildings,no drizzle,no drift,no clouds, no birds,no existence,no downpour,no feeling of love..
Without water this world seems of dearth of every one's life.
Without water this world seems perish.

Quote-We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.

In the last I  want to say that it is the essence of life. Without water existence is not possible so preserve it.

P.S.- I am reposting this post because many of you haven't read this one and I want it's importance to be known by everyone that how much water is related to us.

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  1. What a beautiful poem. <3
    I think back to my science school and learning the human body is almost 64% water...and what would a kiss be without a little moisture :)

    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  2. Emotions on focusing the need of water is bang on target..
    sweetest words I came across till date about the importance of water in our life..
    These words have power to make people think- why they easily let water to waste.. :)

  3. Water is necessary, its the elixir of life. Even the animals that don't need oxygen need water to survive.
    And yet, most of us take it for granted.

    Nice reposting :P

  4. emotions having a great msg. wow simran its a lovely poem. keep writing ..

  5. Also, I have signed up to receive your posts via your email feedburner so I won't miss any.


  6. Hey, Hi
    hmmm, water!!! well, i just shifted toa desert country, so water is a rare spectacle here...
    nice effort...the world needs more people like you...(or how would i get water wen m 60?? :P )

    The Silhouette...

  7. Simran....It was a beautiful, thoughtful message oriented poem....Can't imagine life without water....
    Keep writing Simran...:]

  8. water water water....water water everywhere not a drop to drink...this is bound to happn in near future if people dont start thinkin like u....i defintly agree wid eon...sply now tat he is deportd to a desrt he kowz...:)....lovely effort simran.:)

  9. very nice... a poem with a serious msg into it...

    if i remember i have read this earlier too.

  10. brilliantly worded! a message that should be remembered and to be passed along...

    we are all taught not to waste water- as early as the kindergarten days... be we all do waste at some point of time... it s a most needed lesson that needs remembering...

    kudos to you for writing it...

  11. nyc write up :)

  12. water....it was our church's reflection yesterday... it's one of the most important element of the earth... so many things have been written about it and yet each writing gives a fresh look on it...

    i like the way you reiterate water's significance in life...

    keep it up little one ;)

  13. hey nice blog dear....and very well written post!! keep it up !

  14. An important message written with such depth and emotion. We take far to much for granted, thank you for reminding me of that. A truly amazing read :0)

  15. message embedded very aptly...no existence, no downpour, no feeling of love...

  16. @Rivercat
    I am happy that my poem reminded you of past :)
    Thanks ..

  17. @Monu Awalla
    And that's my main target!
    Thank You :)

    To make people realize that things are not granted as they think , Ireposted it ..
    Thanks :p

  18. @Some unspoken words
    Thanks dear :)

    @Mari Sterling Wilbur

  19. @Eon Heath
    Hmm ,that sounds good that you know it's importance as many of us tend to waste it!
    Thanks ..
    Keep Visiting :)

    Without water there is no existence so, one can't imagine a life in absence of it!
    Thank you so much for such sweet words :)
    Take care!

  20. @Vaisakhi
    This gonna be happen in future ,if ppl ain't take steps regarding water!
    Thanks :)

    You have read this poem earlier.I reposted this post because many of them haven't read this post and I wanted to make them realize the importance of water in our life!

    Thank You :)

  21. @Matangi Mawley
    Thank You so much dear :)
    Keep Visiting!

    @ anummunaf
    Thank You :)

  22. @Melissa
    Thanks Dear :)
    Keep Visiting!

    @विवेक Call me Vish
    Thanks for appreciating my blog
    Keep Visiting!

  23. @amstothers
    Glad that you understood it's importance ! :)
    Keep Visiting!

    Thank You! :)

    @चैतन्य शर्मा
    Thanks Chotu :)

    Thanks, Glad that you liked it! :)

  24. Interesting!
    Indeed it is the essence of life.
    P.S. I am loving the sparkles and shine of your blog :D <3

  25. Sure Sure Water is important. thank you for spreading awareness of importance of saving water

  26. @PH_
    Thank you so much for appreciating my blog! :)
    Take care..

    @Always Happy


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