by - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

वक्त की महानता देखो ,
वह सबको वक्त पर देता है ,
वक्त की विषमता देखो ,
एक वक्त मे देता हैं , दूसरे मे लेता है ,
वक्त की निर्दयता देखो ,
एक वक्त मे हँसाता है ,
दूसरे मे रुलाता है ,
वक्त का अहं देखो ,
वो पीछे मुड़ कर नहीं देखता है,
वक्त की भिग्यता देखो ,
वो वक्त की पहचान बतलाता है ,
वक्त की गतिमिता देखो ,
वह रोके नहीं रुकता है ,
वक्त की दवा देखो ,
वो समस्त घावों को सूखाता है ,
वक्त का आईना देखो ,
वह कर्म के परिणाम को बताता है , वक्त की पुकार देखो ,
वो सबको साथ चलने का आहान करता है ,
वक्त की सहिर्दायता देखो ,
वह लौट कर एक बार फिर आता भी है 

स्वर्ण कौर 

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  1. well I think U should write in hindi more...u r better in hindi than english...

    marvelous job...

  2. wonderful words
    times ever present yet hard to grasp :)

  3. @Hema di
    Thanks , but this poem is written by my sweet granny :)

  4. Waqt ki mahima dekho, sab isko samjhte hain, jaante hain...par phir bhi theek se koi iski athah gehrayi ko maap nahi paaya.

    Waise Swarn aapka Hindi ka naam hai? Ya Google ki karamaat hai? :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Everything has its own time, but its also true 'Time and Tide waits for no man' so it also depends to live each and every moment thoughtfully!

    Beautiful words out there Simran! :)

  6. @Anshul
    Swarn is my Grandmother's name.Seeing my posts on blog she insisted me to post her poems too :)
    It's not google's karamat..lol

  7. @Poonam
    Truely said ,Poonam :)
    Glad that you liked it ! :)
    BTW..It's written by my Granny ..
    Take care!

  8. convey my sincere regards to ur Grand Maa.... she writes so well....

    no doubt WAQT can bring some one from ARSH to FARSH and of course do the other way.

    Best wishes,

  9. beautiful words ..simran..

  10. I just loved this display of the shades of time by ur Grand ma.. :)
    Give her a compliment on my behalf that she is an excellent observer :)

  11. Awesome poem....your grandma writes really nice

  12. @Irfan
    Ya sure :)
    She is very happy that finally she got readers who appreciates her ..
    Thank You :)

  13. @Shona
    Thanks :)

    Ya she writes Awesome!!
    Thank You :)

  14. I wish you had a translate button. I bet this is lovely. The music is beautiful. My best to you and your granny.

    Regards, Mari

  15. atyant hi sundar vichar. bahut hi sundar vyakhya ki hai waqt ki

  16. @ Mari Sterling Wilbur
    Yes, there is a translate button at below toolbar!
    Thanks for your wishes :)

  17. @Some unspoken words
    Mujhe khushi hai ki aapko ye kavita pasand aai :)

  18. absolutely beautiful. Convey my regards to your grandma.

  19. @Manpreet
    Thanks dear!
    You too have a wonderful day! :)

    @Always Happy
    Thanks a lot dear! :)


Either positive or negative comments are good because it shows I am still relevant. Hope you enjoyed reading here:-) !!