Thinking OF You

by - Friday, February 18, 2011

Thinking of you ; I smiled,
Thinking of you; I cried,
Thinking of you made me dreamy,
Thinking of you made me dreary,
I asked myself why this is so?
My heart insisted and replied!
It's because as much as I cared for you as the same I feared of loosing you!!
I told my heart that their is only one about whom I think day and night ;
And that's my love,
Not even the segment of my life ,
It's when I found you near to me; I cherish,
And when I found you far ;
I found my world perish!
Your presence made my life mirthful,
Your presence made my life beautiful,
Sometimes my heart depressed without you..
And my heart said ;
I am incomplete without you!
Your absence made my life worthless,
Whenever I found myself alone,
Your words comes into my mind like a beautiful tone,
Whenever I close my eyes your dreams and thoughts made me realize,
That their is nothing to cheer without you in my life!

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  1. "Thinkin of you".............

    "I admire this awesome poem"...

    Rock on.........

    Someone is Special

  2. hmmm indeed we are incomplete without the love of our life...

    lovely poem .. Take care


  3. Ah love, its all over this blog.

    Nice lines.


  4. Its so Beautiful :)

    Where there is Love...fear does prevails itself

  5. @PsycheBubbles
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    Thank You !
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  6. @ Someone Special
    Thanks a lot for admiring my work!
    You too keep rocking dear :)
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    @The Blue Periwinkle
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    Thanks :)

    Thanks a lot dear :)
    You too take care!

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    @Beyond Horizon
    Ya that's true!
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  7. Very nice poem. Loved this line

    Your absence made my life worthless


  8. @Talha
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  9. Here on the blog for the 1st time and simply loved the post Awesome is the words that suits your post...

  10. @Abnormal Thinker
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  11. WoW!!!!!!! Really beautifull Sim :) Really amazing. Also very beautifull changes you have made in this page. Which reminds me Life is Colourfull & Beautifull too :)

  12. @P-kay
    Welcome back to my blog :)
    Glad that my changes reminded you that Life is colourful and beautiful!
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  13. Its very can feel it if they love someone :)

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  16. I just came across your blog and must say its lovely...something or the other has to have a pinch of love in it !

    This was a beautiful poem.

    Keep writing and blogging :)

    Do visit my blog too...

    Take Care,

  17. @duskndawn
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  18. my my u seems to be in a deep love with someone....
    great poem i must say..
    and all these raining little stars on your blog are making it look really cute and girlie...
    keep blogging.. and I am following u back.

  19. hey.... where is my comment????

    what happened simran.....

  20. @Rolling stone
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    Thinking of love i wrote all these :)
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  21. @Irfan
    Didn't got your comment :(

  22. there are always certain people or certain relation in our life without whom there is nothing to cheer about in our life....

    nice thoughts, simran.

  23. I loved your blog. It's so beautiful! The poem is also so beautiful i just loved it. Really sweet one. thanks for sharing ur link wid me. My cute and best wishes for you always.....Simran! :)

  24. @ Mohinee
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    Happy to see you here ...
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  25. hi simran

    thanks for visiting my blog & being my follower.....u have a cute blog with cute poetry.....

  26. @ Sumanmeet
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  27. romance at its best, nicely done!!! and thanks for your visit and sweet comment! i appreciate it.

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  29. was browsin through ma frnd's blog n found u there....glad i came to ur blog....coz this poems is super flowin in every line...n u relatd it to a walk to it was like cherry on the cake...simply loved it...

    take care

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  31. Beautifully penned down... Very touching, the emotions came out really well...
    Have a wonderful day:-)

  32. @Arti
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    You too have a Wonderful and cheerful day :)

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